Regenerative Mug inspired by Gavrinis

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Last year a dear friend of mine visited the site of Gavrinis in Brittany France. It's a fascinating neolithic ritual site carved with concentric arches and spirals, waves and cows, and myriad other symbols of the divine feminine. The regenerative nature of the site representing that life will keep renewing, keep moving forward is a lovely message to wake up to with morning tea or coffee.

I was so inspired by the story of her visit and the photographs she brought back that I've been carving these arches ever since. The idea of a neolithic monolith dedicated to renewal and rebirth is, to me, inspiring. If you're interested in learning more about Gavrinis, I have to tell you it is one of Europe's best kept secrets. If you google Gavrinis you will find information about it being a burial mound but as it turns out, wouldn't that mean there are a lot of bodies there? If you google Gavrinis goddess you get a very different picture from an equally reliable group of sources discussing its use as a ritual space dedicated to the divine feminine.

The Gavrinis inspired hand carved mug is going to add a special meaning to your daily rituals as you smile considering that women were celebrated in ancient times and will be again. The small mug holds approximately 12 ounces and the large in the neighborhood of 15-16 ounces.

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Each mug is handmade using a dark stoneware clay from Kentucky Mudworks, a woman owned and operated clay manufaturer that we just happen to love a couple hours from our studio.


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