The Spiral Textured Planter in Classic White Glaze

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Housewarming gifts and wedding gifts are usually the most challenging for me to decide on. It's so tough to know what someone really wants, find something that fits their personal aesthetic, and goes well with their interior design. Over the years I've found that classic white is usually a hit and handmade pottery even more so. When you pair a classic white handmade planter with an easy to care for houseplant, you're going to be a superhero of gift giving.

Now here's the thing. You don't have to buy this handmade pottery planter for someone else. It's a terrific treat for your own home, too. A little self care goes a long way and there is enough scientific evidence to prove that houseplants qualify as self care.

Each planter is completely handmade in my Indianapolis studio using my favorite Kentucky brown clay. The plant isn't included but your planter does come with the saucer to make sure there aren't any water drips on your favorite table or stack of antique books.

Measures approximately 4" diameter and 3.5" high.

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