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Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter Rebecca Graves Pottery Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter Rebecca Graves Pottery
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There is just something fun about working with clay to make a series of pots that all have subtle differences and then texturing them in whatever way strikes my fancy at the moment. Digging through my boxes of handmade stamps, finding mark making tools around the studio and just playing is part of the studio practice that I most look forward to.

The Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter is hand built using a form I threw on my potter’s wheel then uniquely textured based on the textures that strike my fancy in the moment. No two are quite alike.

Made from a low fire earthenware clay, not dissimilar to what terracotta pots at the greenhouse are made of. It helps manage the moisture in the soil and lends a rustic and earthy touch in a modern interior.

Each planter has a little drainage hole in the bottom for watering and includes an unglazed saucer.

Measures approximately 2.5” high x 4.5” diameter. These little planters are terrific for a succulent-scape.

As part of the Artist’s Choice collection, the planter you receive will be a surprise! We’re going to choose one for you because that’s what this is all about!


One of the things I missed once we started growing as a studio was the time I used to spend just playing with new ideas. I can still do the playing now but the idea of photographing each individual piece, writing a description for the website, uploading it all, then managing all those one of a kind pieces was daunting. That’s how the Artist’s Choice was born! Several people have enjoyed choosing a mug, or a planter or a bowl because they love the collection and being surprised by which individual one arrives in their post. We hope you love the surprise, too!

$2 from the sale of each Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter will be donated to our Feed The Artists initiative to help us feed more artists in Indianapolis economically impacted by Covid-19!

$ 36.00

It's time to add a little oxygen-generating greenery to our homes after being stuck inside for so long.

Because we love helping out other artists, $5 from the sale of every Loft Planter in the month of April will be used to purchase Feed The Artists fresh food boxes from the Jason Michael Thomas drive up farm stand and gifted to artists in Indianapolis economically impacted by the global pandemic.

The Loft Planter is handmade on the potters wheel using a tan clay and the unglazed saucer is hand built for a little bit of the organic feel. There is a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Measures approximately 4.5-5" wide and 3.5-4" tall.

We love this size planter for some windowsill herbs or hardy succulents.

We have limited stock on hand. Once gone, we'll continue making them to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery! We're working in multiple studios around the city instead of in our main studio together which has certainly been an adventure! Your patience is deeply appreciated!

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