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$ 36.00

Tomato bisque graced with freshly ground juniper looks divine in the turquoise wobble soup bowl made exclusively for Jason Michael Thomas of Urban Ag Indy. Regardless of the soup you most love, the handmade wobble bowl was made for cozying up with something delicious and relaxing.

When you run your hands over the undulating surface of the hand built bowl you'll notice little dips from where our fingers press into the clay during the forming of the shape. Drips and variations in the glaze show through and highlight the shape. Little folds and creases at the top illuminate the construction process of a flat piece of clay being shaped with two hands over a special form created for just this bowl. As you hold The Wobble Soup Bowl your hands are connecting with ours in a most delightful way.

In my kitchen, I love these bowls for more than just soup, though. This is perfect for an evening snack of popcorn or ice cream. Overnight oats or hot oatmeal never looked so good. Sprinkle a little brown sugar and chopped nuts on top and voila! It looks far more gourmet than you'd ever expect. Something about food in a beautiful handmade bowl makes taste even better.

As it turns out, it's also a fantastic succulent planter!


Each bowl is completely unique. If you order multiples at once, we'll sort through the bowls on hand to choose the ones that best nest and stack together so they fit comfortably in your cupboard without taking up too much space.

As always, our pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe, but I always recommend hand washing over putting it into a dishwasher just because the banging around that happens during the wash cycle can cause chips on all your favorite dinnerware. If you choose to put it in the dishwasher, just make sure the lip isn't pressed against something that will cause a chip when it starts vibrating and shaking from the water pressure.

You can shop with ease knowing we have $5 flat rate shipping on your entire order in the continental United States. All other orders will be calculated based on actual cost. We don't make a profit on shipping, so you can rest assured knowing our first priority is keeping it real.

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