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Toilet Paper or Plague Doctor Cereal Bowl PRE-ORDER Rebecca Graves Pottery Toilet Paper or Plague Doctor Cereal Bowl PRE-ORDER Rebecca Graves Pottery
Sale -17%
$ 30.00 $ 36.00

We want to feed some artists in Indianapolis.

We’re accepting preorders on the Toile Paper Bowl. Regularly $36 it is now $30 + shipping.

$2 of each bowl will be used to purchase a healthy food box from Jason Michael Thomas’s Urban Ag Indy Drive Up Farm Stand for an impacted artist or local family.

We want to help people have some food security and keep people working!

Plus, you get a badass bowl.

It’s ok if you can’t buy one right now! Every share helps, too! Social media is fantastic that was.

Bowls will be continually produced in during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please be patient with us as we navigate this unique situation! We promise you will absolutely get your bowl! We will continue shipping as every kiln load completes.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Bowls are Microwave and Dishwasher safe!

$ 36.00

Tomato bisque graced with freshly ground juniper looks divine in the turquoise wobble soup bowl made exclusively for Jason Michael Thomas of Urban Ag Indy. Regardless of the soup you most love, the handmade wobble bowl was made for cozying up with something delicious and relaxing.

When you run your hands over the undulating surface of the hand built bowl you'll notice little dips from where our fingers press into the clay during the forming of the shape. Drips and variations in the glaze show through and highlight the shape. Little folds and creases at the top illuminate the construction process of a flat piece of clay being shaped with two hands over a special form created for just this bowl. As you hold The Wobble Soup Bowl your hands are connecting with ours in a most delightful way.

In my kitchen, I love these bowls for more than just soup, though. This is perfect for an evening snack of popcorn or ice cream. Overnight oats or hot oatmeal never looked so good. Sprinkle a little brown sugar and chopped nuts on top and voila! It looks far more gourmet than you'd ever expect. Something about food in a beautiful handmade bowl makes taste even better.

As it turns out, it's also a fantastic succulent planter!


Each bowl is completely unique. If you order multiples at once, we'll sort through the bowls on hand to choose the ones that best nest and stack together so they fit comfortably in your cupboard without taking up too much space.

As always, our pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe, but I always recommend hand washing over putting it into a dishwasher just because the banging around that happens during the wash cycle can cause chips on all your favorite dinnerware. If you choose to put it in the dishwasher, just make sure the lip isn't pressed against something that will cause a chip when it starts vibrating and shaking from the water pressure.

You can shop with ease knowing we have $5 flat rate shipping on your entire order in the continental United States. All other orders will be calculated based on actual cost. We don't make a profit on shipping, so you can rest assured knowing our first priority is keeping it real.

$ 42.00

It won't matter if you're sitting at the table, counter or snuggled on the sofa with a bowl of pasta goodness using your new handmade pasta bowl is going to make dinner extra special. Everything looks gourmet in these bowls, even if your pasta is as simple as buttered noodles with a smattering of parmesan and dried parsley. We're not going to judge you for what you eat in them as long as you're using them.

When my friends Bob and Katie messaged me asking if I would make them a set of pasta bowls I was all over it. I'd been looking for a reason to add these to the assortment and having an order for them was the perfect impetus. We have Bob & Katie to thank for inspiring these new bowls!

These pottery bowls are not limited to pasta. The shape is a favorite of chefs for all sorts of dishes because of the way that the bowl envelopes the food, framing it and making it look extra special. We love to use these bowls for thick stews, pasta, cereal, a rustic roast with root vegetables, salads, fruit, or as a serving bowl for a side dish at a family style dinner.

Just in case you're REALLY into plants, these bowls also make a gorgeous succulent planter centerpiece with a landscape of different succulents.

Measures approximately 8" diameter and 2.25" high. 

Interior is glazed. Exterior is unglazed.

Microwave & dishwasher safe.

Oven safe if you put the bowls into a cool oven and slowly bring it up to temperature.

Each bowl is handmade and completely unique. We make families of bowls, not exact clones which means you can expect lovely subtle differences in each piece. That's what we love so much about handmade pottery!

$5 flat rate shipping on all orders in the continental United States!

$ 24.00

Approximately 2" diameter and just the right size for a pinch of this and a pinch of that. These little treasures are also beautiful for sushi. We use them for rings by the sink, pills in the morning, a single decadent truffle, as salt cellars, for little add-your-own spices at dinner, tea bags, food prep when cooking and anything else that fits.

Each set contains 3 unique pieces in a single color.

While these are dishwasher safe they're small enough that it may be a challenge to keep them in the rack. If you choose to put them in the dishwasher we recommend popping them into the silverware holder.

Microwave safe.

Food safe.

$5 flat rate shipping on your entire order in the Continental United States.


If you like the pasta bowls in the photos you can find it here.

For the Everyday Carriage House Mug click here.

Teeny Turquoise Good Luck Skull Bowl Rebecca Graves Pottery Teeny Turquoise Good Luck Skull Bowl Rebecca Graves Pottery
$ 12.00

Measurements: Approximately 3” diameter and .5” high. 

$ 36.00

After years of throwing all my pots on a wheel because I didn’t have the space for slab work and hand building I’m starting to rediscover the joy of hand building and the rustic elements it brings to functional ware.

The Wobble Bowls are making a fresh appearance on the website again. They small bowls are just the right size for all sorts of dishes from ice cream to pasta, salad and soup or plating beautiful food like Jason Michael Thomas and the larger bowl is perfect for serving 2-6 people a main dish or side dish. It’s also lovely as a centerpiece filled with fruit.

If your food is humble or glorious it will feel special. One of my favorite things about slow living and daily rituals is that even the mundane becomes elevated when you take the time to enjoy the entire experience.

Don’t forget, we have $5 flat rate shipping on all orders shipped in the continental United States!


The wobble bowls measure approximately 6” diameter and 2” high. The Wobble Serving Bowl measures approximately 11” diameter and 3.5” high. Each one is completely unique and shows the marks of the maker’s hands, delightful glaze variations and is an individual work of art.

$ 36.00

The Gavrinis inspired hand carved smudge bowl is going to add a special meaning to your smudge rituals. The bowl measures approximately 4” diameter and is handmade using a dark stoneware clay from Kentucky Mudworks, a woman owned and operated clay manufaturer that we just happen to love.

Use your new smudge bowl with palo santo, sage, sweetgrass, resin, incense or any of your favorite smudge ingredients. Each bowl comes with a small amount of pure silica sand for the bottom so the bowl does not get too hot to hold and to extinguish your burning whatever. 

Every bowl is unique. While you may not receive the exact bowl in the photo, you will receive one from this series. We will intuitively choose the bowl for you. 

My favorite sage is from Flowering Moon. If you purchase the set of 3 sage bundles from her she will include the directions for her smudging ritual which is my absolute favorite. It is simple to follow and deeply powerful when performed correctly. It’s more than just burning sage and waving it about. She’ll walk you through every step of the process and you will be able to claim your space while clearing the energy with success every time. Click here to purchase my favorite sage bundles from Flowering Moon. 

Now for the exciting stuff! This is how the bowl came into being...

When my good friend, Dev Swingholm of Flowering Moon came home from her last trip to France she was alight with stories about visiting Gavrinis.

If you google Gavrinis you’ll find a load of misinformation about it being a tomb with “abstract carvings” dating back to approximately 3500 bc. It turns out, it isn’t a tomb at all but a ritual space and those abstract carvings are actually murals of waves, suns, chevrons, trees, lozenges, coils, spirals and concentric arcs. Those arcs, not abstract at all, are described as “vulvas” and combined with the waves, the carvings “seem to say that the generative force of the Goddess is inexhaustible, rising and flowing like waves,” according to UCLA archaeology professor Marija Gimbutas. Googling “Gavrinis goddess” will get you much more interesting and accurate information.

Reclaiming power as women, the permission to set our own physical boundaries and appreciating the amazing things women do within our civilization has been a motivating force for me this past decade. Not to say I’ve ever been much of a shrinking flower, but knowing that women were once revered as the leaders of their culture and they kept the spiritual wellbeing of their tribes as sacred is heartening. Being surrounded by strong, intelligent women who bring change to their lives and the lives of those around them is inspiring. Finding male friends who support the strengths and power of the women in their lives has given me hope for a future where women do not have to struggle to be valid.

In developing new designs for pottery I have always worked to design objects that function well as intended and to decorate them in a way that means something to me.

Sometimes those carvings say, “f%#* salad, I want cake,” because...hello...cake! Sometimes they are deeply personal carvings inspired by the travels of the women in my circle, meant to empower more women to embrace their inner strength and become the badass they were always meant to be.

$ 18.00

Everyday rituals can mean anything from a mug of delicious tea and a decadent truffle every evening to meditating with a cone of incense burning in a tiny dish. Whatever your everyday rituals entail, these small, hand carved bowls inspired by the goddess carvings at Gavrinis will add a special touch.

Measuring a tiny 2-2.5" in diameter, these little bowls are just the right size for a variety of things like mise en place (kitchen prep), earrings, jewelry, chocolate, a small snack, incense, holding your favorite crystal, your used tea bag and anything else you can think of.

Each bowl is handmade using our signature clay then the design is hand carved making every one unique. We make families of pots, not exact replicas, and you'll receive a gorgeous little bowl like the bowls in the photos.

All orders are $5 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.

Harvest Bowl Gravesco Pottery Harvest Bowl Gravesco Pottery
Sale -21%
$ 75.00 $ 95.00

Serving a large salad or pasta requires a special bowl. Our handmade ceramic Harvest Bowl is equally at home loaded with your favorite family recipe and ready to serve as it is on the table or counter holding five pounds of apples, your latest garden harvest or with a loaf of bread rising before it goes in the oven.

A kitchen lover's dream bowl also happens to be an interior designer's favorite. The classic white glaze on natural tan clay looks beautiful on the dinner table or the coffee table.

Each bowl is handmade on the pottery wheel by Dusty, one of our resident potters. The clay is intentionally sourced nearby from our favorite female-owned clay maker and the glaze is mixed in our studio. Every step of the process is done by hand. From the time a bowl is just a simple lump of clay to its completion, it will go through the hands of eight artisans. You know that every time you purchase pottery from Gravesco Pottery that you're supporting artisans right here in Indianapolis and suppliers in the Midwest.

Measures approximately 11" diameter and 4" high.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

$5 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.


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