Tiki Inspired Cocktail Tumbler

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Summer may be winding down now that September has arrived but that doesn’t mean an end to delicious cocktails in your new favorite handmade Tiki inspired tumbler.

Holds approximately 16-18 ounces of your favorite poison from a tropical island frothy concoction to just straight gin n juice with a fancy umbrella. You like to play it old-school with a Harvey Wallbanger, this is the cup for you. Not feeling the booze right now? I’ll let you in on a little secret....this is my new favorite chocolate milk cup. You can use it to drink anything you want!

Let me tell you a little bit about how this was made. I started off by throwing a cylinder on the wheel using my favorite clay and let it dry part way until it was just the right texture for carving. The design was free-hand carved, it was allowed to dry completely then the cup was fired to 1800 degrees in my electric kiln. Essentially, that turned this cup into a rolling stamp! Once cooled, I am now able to roll this stamp over a slab of clay, cut it out and hand build the tumbler. It’s not any faster than throwing a cup by hand, in fact it takes about 3x longer than doing it on the wheel, but I love how the textures look and feel using this technique and also appreciate the consistency of the image that I just can’t get if I’m hand carving each individual cup.

I hope you enjoy drinking all your beverages from these new cups because I really enjoyed making them for you!

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