The Espresso Cup or Succulent Planter | City Black

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Take your pick. If you’re an espresso drinker you’ll love this little handmade stoneware cup designed with the great team over at Tinker Coffee to be just the right size and shape for a double shot of your favorite roast. It’s Tinker Coffee, right? Everyone’s favorite small batch roasted coffee is Tinker. Isn’t it? WHAT!? You’ve never had Tinker Coffee? We can remedy that! Hop over to Tinker Coffee and order a bag. You can thank me later. In the meantime...

We’ve discovered that this espresso cup also makes a fantastic succulent planter so if you were thinking you’d only order one for your coffee, you might want to rethink that decision and get one for your plant, too.

Do you need some coffee to enjoy with your new cup? You can now purchase my favorite coffee from Tinker Coffee right here! 

The signature Brown Bear clay from Kentucky Mudworks (another female owned business just a couple hours from the studio in Louisville, Kentucky) adds a textural delight to your espresso experience. The silky smooth glaze is a lovely juxtaposition to the velvety feel of the exposed raw clay.

As always, Gravesco Pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe though we always recommend that you hand wash for longevity just because in the dishwasher that jet stream of water can make things bang together and chip. That said, there are several beloved pieces of pottery that I’ve owned for a decade or more that made it through regular dishwashing with no problem because I was careful to place it where it couldn’t bang around against something else.

Each cup is individually thrown on the wheel and glazed by hand so it is normal to expect variations from cup to cup. The serendipity of the process is what we love so much about handmade pottery.

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