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Shop all pottery

$ 120.00

You may purchase the handmade earthenware bread baker on its own for your personal recipes or as a bundle. The bundle includes a handmade earthenware bread baker, enough locally grown and milled flour for a 2 lb loaf, sourdough starter and access to the Jason Michael Thomas online instructional video teaching you how to make his signature sourdough.

Indianapolis local pickups will include his own sourdough starter. Shipped orders will include instructions for starting your own.

$10 of every pre-ordered bread baker will be used to purchase a fresh food box to pay forward to an Indianapolis artist.

Also coming soon: 

  • extra locally grown and milled ancient grain flour in 2lb bags
  • sourdough starter crock for storing and feeding your starter
  • sourdough stirring paddle
  • bread bowl for proofing your dough
  • Jason Michael Thomas organic cotton tea towel for covering your rising dough
  • Live Zoom class sponsored by Yelp Indy where Jason walks you through the entire process, his favorite ingredients, the benefits of sourdough and how to personalize it with added ingredients for healthy and delicious sourdough bread your family will love

Each bread baker will be made to order. Orders will be filled in the same order they are received. It takes 2-4 weeks to make a bread baker from beginning to end. We genuinely appreciate your patience during the making process. Like a good bread, good pottery takes time.


$ 36.00

It's time to add a little oxygen-generating greenery to our homes after being stuck inside for so long.

Because we love helping out other artists, $5 from the sale of every Loft Planter in the month of April will be used to purchase Feed The Artists fresh food boxes from the Jason Michael Thomas drive up farm stand and gifted to artists in Indianapolis economically impacted by the global pandemic.

The Loft Planter is handmade on the potters wheel using a tan clay and the unglazed saucer is hand built for a little bit of the organic feel. There is a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Measures approximately 4.5-5" wide and 3.5-4" tall.

We love this size planter for some windowsill herbs or hardy succulents.

We have limited stock on hand. Once gone, we'll continue making them to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery! We're working in multiple studios around the city instead of in our main studio together which has certainly been an adventure! Your patience is deeply appreciated!

Vintage Rose Loft Mug - Special Edition Rebecca Graves Pottery Vintage Rose Loft Mug - Special Edition Rebecca Graves Pottery
$ 25.00

The Vintage Rose Loft Mug is a special edition just in time for Mother's Day. If you just love the bejeezus out of it like we do, maybe we'll make some more!

The Loft Mug is a cozy, snuggle up and enjoy a moment's peace kind of mug. The shape is curvy to nestle in your hand but the base is wide enough to be sturdy. You can sit it down on the table without worrying it will tip over.

The throwing rings (marks from my fingers as I make the mug on my potter's wheel) give your fingers a comfortable place to rest or a soft line to trace back and forth with your fingertips in meditation.

It holds a whopping 14-15 ounces of your favorite beverage without looking like a ginormous lug of a mug and the lip is angled just so, on purpose, to be smooth against your lip but sharp enough it doesn't dribble...unless you've filled it with an adult beverage and in that case any dribbling is probably on you.

Yes. You could salt the rim and fill it with a margarita and call it your comfy margarita cup. I'm down with that and your mom probably will be, too, if you give her one for Mother's Day.

During the summer, toss it in the freezer and enjoy a frosty cold beverage or keep your rosé chilled without ice. Because ew. Ice.

It's microwave and dishwasher safe.

For the month of April, $5 from the sale of every Vintage Rose Loft Mug will be used to purchase a fresh food box that will be paid forward to an Indianapolis artist!

Vintage Roses Travel Mug - PRE-ORDER Rebecca Graves Pottery Vintage Roses Travel Mug - PRE-ORDER Rebecca Graves Pottery
Sale -19%
$ 50.00 $ 62.00

The new Vintage Roses Travel Mug is another in the Feed The Artists collection. $5 from each Vintage Roses Travel Mug will be used to purchase a fresh food box that will be paid forward to  Indianapolis Artists who are economically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The handmade pottery Vintage Roses Travel Mug is wheel thrown and goes through a total of 3 kiln firings before it is ready to ship out the door to you. The travel lid is 100% silicone and fitted tightly so that even over the years as it stretches from heat and use, it will still fit comfortably and keep the dribbles at bay.


Each mug is one of a kind. You may not receive the exact mugs in the photo but you will receive one equally lovely and unique.

Microwave & Dishwasher safe. Holds approximately 10 ounces of your favorite

Speaking of coffee, for a limited time we can create a gift bundle for you with a travel mug, handmade coffee scoop and 4 oz bag of one our favorite fresh roasts from Circadian Coffee here in Indianapolis.

Hole In My Heart Necklace PRE-ORDER Krista Bermeo Hole In My Heart Necklace PRE-ORDER Krista Bermeo
Sale -35%
$ 30.00 $ 46.00

This pandemic has left a hole in all our hearts that may never be filled but in our empathy and solidarity we can, even through social distancing, hold each other in love and acceptance.

In the true spirit of our Feed The Artists collection we’ve teamed up with glass artist Krista Bermeo to offer something as a long term, beautiful commemoration of this time at home that will remind us of a time of deep solidarity. 

With each purchase of the handmade lampwork glass Hole In My Heart Necklace on an 18” sterling silver chain, we will donate $5 to our Feed The Artists fresh food boxes and the balance will be utilized to help us and our friend Krista cover studio rent and expenses.

We have not received any rent relief in our studio which we share with Krista Bermeo Studio and I know that we are not alone. Artists are struggling with shows being canceled and no relief in site. It is our hope that by bringing everyone together in their love of handmade we can offer some solace and joy while providing rent, covering expenses and helping to feed Indianapolis artists with fresh, healthy food.

Even if you’re not in a position to shop right now, every share on Instagram or where you tag us @gravesco or @kristabermeostudio will be an entry in our weekly drawing to win a special item from the Feed The Artists collection. We’ll continue this until our artists are back on their feet and able to make a living again!


Each heart necklace is made individually using a bench torch by Krista Bermeo. She hand assembles each sterling silver chain. Your heart may look slightly different than the one photographed but we promise it will be beautiful and unique.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from the time of order as each heart is made to order just for you.

Men's Raw Neck Tee Rebecca Graves Pottery Dark Grey Heather S Men's Raw Neck Tee Rebecca Graves Pottery Dark Grey Heather S
s m l xl 2xl
$ 30.00

Every Plague Doctor purchase helps feed an artist in the Indianapolis area impacted by the pandemic happening in the world. $5 from every purchase will be used to purchase a fresh food box from Jason Michael Thomas at Urban Awareness Gardens and paid forward to artists who need some healthy whole foods. We've partnered with Jason Michael Thomas and Urban Awareness Gardens Indianapolis to make sure our creative crew is fed nourishing food so they can keep creating valuable and thoughtful content for the world to enjoy. The balance of the income from the shirts will be used for the actual cost, shipping and employing our crew of 8 artisans during this time of economic uncertainty.

And here's another cool thing, we're helping out even more people than just our 8 and the artists in Indianapolis. The stickers (and other printed merch) are all made here in the United States by other artisans who just need to keep their heads above water right now. The ripple effects of your purchase are bigger than just a cool shirt. You're making a difference.

This cool, fashionable update on the classic t-shirt is just what's needed for a sleek, modern look. The raw neck detail and relaxed fit is perfect for a casual everyday outfit that has a twist for those who appreciate the little things.

• 100% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton*
• Fabric weight: 4.2 oz/y² (142 g/m²)
• Pre-shrunk fabric
• Elevated raw neck detail
• Side seams
• Relaxed fit

*Heather colors contain 48% polyester


****Please note - the tshirts are printed on demand in the United States. We don’t keep them in stock, they’re made to order. The printer is experiencing unusually high demand and limited staff while they work to keep everyone as safe as possible. They’re collaborating with other printers across the United States to fill orders as quickly as possible. Please be patient and know we are checking in weekly on progress. Like us, they are filling orders in the same order they are received. Your pottery will arrive separate from your shirt as we’re shipping from different locations so you may receive one and not the other at the same time. We appreciate your patience! ***

Size guide

  S M L XL 2XL
Shirt width (inches) 18 ½ 20 22 24 26
Shirt length (inches) 27 ½ 28 ½ 29 ½ 30 ½ 30 ½
Chest to fit (inches) 34-37 38-41 42-45 46-49 50-53
Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter Rebecca Graves Pottery Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter Rebecca Graves Pottery
Sale -14%
$ 36.00 $ 42.00

There is just something fun about working with clay to make a series of pots that all have subtle differences and then texturing them in whatever way strikes my fancy at the moment. Digging through my boxes of handmade stamps, finding mark making tools around the studio and just playing is part of the studio practice that I most look forward to.

The Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter is hand built using a form I threw on my potter’s wheel then uniquely textured based on the textures that strike my fancy in the moment. No two are quite alike.

Made from a low fire earthenware clay, not dissimilar to what terracotta pots at the greenhouse are made of. It helps manage the moisture in the soil and lends a rustic and earthy touch in a modern interior.

Each planter has a little drainage hole in the bottom for watering and includes an unglazed saucer.

Measures approximately 2.5” high x 4.5” diameter. These little planters are terrific for a succulent-scape.

As part of the Artist’s Choice collection, the planter you receive will be a surprise! We’re going to choose one for you because that’s what this is all about!


One of the things I missed once we started growing as a studio was the time I used to spend just playing with new ideas. I can still do the playing now but the idea of photographing each individual piece, writing a description for the website, uploading it all, then managing all those one of a kind pieces was daunting. That’s how the Artist’s Choice was born! Several people have enjoyed choosing a mug, or a planter or a bowl because they love the collection and being surprised by which individual one arrives in their post. We hope you love the surprise, too!

$2 from the sale of each Artist’s Choice Unglazed Planter will be donated to our Feed The Artists initiative to help us feed more artists in Indianapolis economically impacted by Covid-19!

Artist’s Choice Beehive Bud Vase Rebecca Graves Pottery Artist’s Choice Beehive Bud Vase Rebecca Graves Pottery
Sale -20%
$ 20.00 $ 25.00

A little bud vase with a fresh flower tucked neatly into it, even a dandelion from the yard, adds a special touch to a room. I love to have a little something special on my desk or on the table to brighten it up and bring the memories of childhood playing in the flowers forward into my adult life.

Each vase is unique. The glazes range from turquoise to blue with some earthy tones mixed in for good measure. The Artist’s Choice projects are the result of having fun at the potter’s wheel making something outside our normal routine. We texture them all a little differently, have fun glazing them however we want, and when it’s time to pack the order and send it your way we use our intuition to pick the one we think you’ll love.

We hope you enjoy the little surprise in the mail as much as we enjoy making them.

These little beehive bud vases are approximately 2.5” tall with a tiny opening in the top just the right size for a couple dandelions or whatever little flowers you’d like.

 $2 from the sale of each handmade pottery beehive bud vase will be used to purchase a fresh food box to pay it forward to an Indianapolis artist!

The quantities are limited.

The Cycle of Life Mug Rebecca Graves Pottery The Cycle of Life Mug Rebecca Graves Pottery
Sale -17%
$ 30.00 $ 36.00

There is beauty in the cycle of life that combined with my love of vintage etchings inspired this mug featuring a vintage illustration of a bird skull.

When I was in college I toyed with the idea of becoming a medical illustrator. I was fascinated with the detail and accuracy required and would spend hours pouring over vintage medical and anatomical illustrations. Mostly, I learned, I just love to know how things work and found that my talents lie elsewhere. Those illustrations human and animal anatomy still catch my attention.

As I'm making mugs with the vintage plague doctor images for our feed the artists campaign, this particular etching of a bird skull caught my eye and I kept returning to it day after day as I scrolled through my files looking for something else. Finally, considering how much it was on my mind I decided to make a mug for myself with this slightly macabre but hopeful image and thought perhaps you'd like one, too.

For the month of April, $5 from the purchase of every cycle of life mug will go toward the purchase of a fresh food box for an artist in Indianapolis economically impacted by the world pandemic. When you  purchase this handmade mug you're not just buying another mug, you're feeding an artist who has lost their income source during the shelter in place and keeping my team of 8 working and off unemployment.

You are appreciated.

Each mug holds approximately 16 ounces and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

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