Batik Mug for Soup or Latte | City Black Glaze

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The City Black Batik Mug will elevate even the simplest of comfort foods - no one will realize that your ramen was made with boiling water, not gourmet! You love gourmet ramen, too? Well, then you’re in luck.

Jason Michael Thomas has said on more than one occasion that this is his favorite mug for serving tea, lattes and soups of all kinds.

The Batik Soup Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and although I personally prefer to hand washing my favorite pottery, you're welcome to clean your new  mug however you'd like! If you do choose to put it in the dishwasher, go with the top shelf and make sure it isn't going to rattle against another item that could potentially cause a chip.

The Batik Mug is comfortable in the hand, even when full to the brim. The wide handle is textured with an antique stamp, adding grip, while the width makes it easy to hold.

Each mug is wheel thrown then the stamped handle is added. Because of the handmade nature of the mug, each one is a little different. That's the beauty of handmade.

To learn the story behind the antique hand carved wooden stamp used on the handle, read my blog post about it.

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To learn more about the origin of the Antique Batik Stamp used in making the Batik Collection you can read about it on my blog.

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