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$ 36.00

Sometimes you need a grown up beverage with a sippy lid to keep the dust, cat paws and bugs out. Sometimes you need a sippy lid because you have an adult beverage in your cup. Sometimes you just want to sip your coffee and make people wonder if you’re really as naughty as your cup would lead them to believe.

Might be booze.

Might be coffee.

Might be water.

Might be none of their damn business.

The Might be booze travel mug holds approximately 10-12 ounces of whatever the hell you want to drink from it.

The silicone lid is dishwasher safe or you can flip it inside out and clean it out by hand like I do. If you need a quick tutorial on how to put the lid on securely head over to my IGTV where you’ll find the easy tips for popping that lid on securely every time. No one needs a dribbly lid.


$ 42.00

Did you know that the original Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck was illustrated by a woman and published in 1909? It makes me so happy to know that in a time when women were not taken seriously as artists that Pamela Coleman Smith was able to illustrate and publish something so enduring. It's still the most popular tarot deck in English speaking countries.

The handmade pottery Queen of Wands Tarot Travel Tumbler holds approximately 16-18 oz of your favorite beverage with a 100% silicone lid to keep your contents in the cup and curious kitty paws out.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

The silicone lid is flexible enough to turn inside out for a good cleaning with hot soapy water. The lid will fit tightly when you first receive it - that is by design. As you use your lid more it will stretch and we want to make sure it continues to fit well!

We fire one kiln a week with image transfers. If the mug is not in stock it will be shortly! Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to complete your mug for shipping.

As always we offer $5 flat rate shipping on all orders in the continental United States.

$ 30.00

The evil eye is not a curse as some people believe. It is a good luck symbol meant for protection in nearly every culture and religious across the world. Dating back at least as far as Ancient Greece 3000+ years ago. Protect your home, your dinner table and your snacks with this handmade ceramic plate adorned with a vintage evil eye illustration.

The handmade 7" stoneware appetizer plate is microwave and dishwasher safe. The image is permanent and doesn't require any special care.

As always, we offer $5 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.

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