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Rebecca Graves Prowse stamping nocrumbsleft kitchen prep bowls

At Gravesco Pottery we pride ourselves on making everything by hand and paying attention to all the little details that make handmade special. Function is at least as important as form when designing our pottery and being able to create families of pottery, not clones, is our ultimate goal.

The reason I originally dipped my hands into clay was because I love the connection between the user and the maker. Where our hands form the pottery, your hands will settle in as you use it. That feels more like a collaboration and relationship to me, than just manufacturing the same exact thing over and over.

Rebecca Graves Prowse at the wheel throwing pottery

Currently there are six of us working in the studio on any given day.

  • Myself, obviously, running the business, designing pottery, glaze chemistry and making pots
  • Christopher - my husband and biggest fan. For the last few years he's spent his evenings after work packing and managing shipping to ensure your pottery arrives safely even after being tossed around by the shipping company
  • Mackenzie - she joined me in the spring of 2018 as a part time studio assistant and is now full time. Mackenzie makes pottery, manages projects, keeps things moving smoothly and does all the random things we need done on any given day. She's a creative force in her own right and is always offering useful feedback and contributing ideas to make what we do even better
  • Francis - we've known each other since shortly after we arrived in Indianapolis early in 2018 but Francis didn't join the team until spring 2019. He's also working full time making pottery, glazing, loading kilns, managing studio tasks and working with me to develop systems for all the things that keep us away from doing the things we love - making pots. As we expand, Francis continues to take on additional responsibilities like customer service, sales outreach, content writing and a host of other fabulous things. 
  • Abby - working part time, she steps in to help with finishing projects, glazing, and is a boss at keeping the studio clean - which is a non-stop project in a pottery studio.
  • Amanda - she won't be here long enough! Amanda has joined us for a few months, until she moves onto her next adventure in Philadelphia in fall 2019. She's been helping me with throwing and trimming pots. Her attention to detail is inspiring and consistent.
  • Aly - we share Aly with our good friend Krista Bermeo, a lampwork glass artist whose studio is next to mine. Aly pops in a couple shifts a week to help wherever we need a little extra attention or extra hands. As a studio artist, her skills are fabulously varied.

Some of our pottery is made on a pottery wheel and some is hand built. The look is quite different between the two styles, but the little details connect them as a cohesive collection that provides a variety of textures to add depth and interest to your home.

Rebecca Graves Prowse glazing pottery for nocrumbsleft

In 2018 I switched the clay that I use and was so delighted to find the Brown Bear clay from Kentucky Mudworks. Link Henderson, the owner of Kentucky Mudworks, has done an incredible job of formulating a clay that I love working with, is consistent, and any time we have questions her team is right there ready to help us out. I have to say, I do really love being able to buy from another woman-owned business in a career that is traditionally male dominated. Since Louisville, Kentucky is only a couple hours away, it's not just convenient but fits into my desire to buy local or regional products as much as is feasible.

If you're interested in the day to day process in the studio, follow us on Instagram!


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