Batik Soap and Sushi Dish - Small Rectangle

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I know it sounds weird to say a dish is for sushi or soap. It's true, though. This dish is just the right size for both! I'm in no way  advocating going to the bathroom to grab your soap dish and use it for sushi on a Thursday evening, but if you do whatever makes you happy. We have a few of these goodies in the kitchen and one in the bathroom to wrangle my ever-present bars of handmade soap.

We tend to use these for all sorts of things from organizing the ingredients before a hard-core cooking session, a couple of macaroons for a decadent snack, sushi, a dipping sauce for dinner, soap (obviously), jewelry, pocket contents on the dresser, tea bags and wrangling beads in the studio.

Each handmade pottery dish is made from a slab of clay and stamped with an antique, hand carved batik stamp. If you want to read about the story behind the stamp you can do so here.

Each dish measures approximately 3" wide and 4.5" long. The size is approximate because each one is hand cut and as such, varies slightly.

Food safe.

Soap safe.

Microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe.

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