Black and Tan Mug #7

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A good black and tan laughing with friends is a delicious way to spend an evening. Even more than a tasty beer, though, it’s a gorgeous color combination I can’t get enough of.

This is a one of a kind limited edition mug made just for fun. Every once in a while I take an afternoon to just play at the wheel and see what I can come up with instead of focusing so much on repeating the same form over and over.

Chill it in the freezer for your black and tan at home or use it just like any mug for your morning coffee, tea or whatever liquid you enjoy imbibing.

The signature comfort handle will cozy right up in your hand and the thumb indentation in the side of the mug gives your knuckles a little extra space or makes for a cozy spot it you like to nuzzle your mug.

Holds approximately 12-14 ounces

Food safe.
Microwave safe.
Dishwasher safe.

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