Batik Mug for Soup or Latte | Crimson Red Glaze

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Snuggled on the sofa in the evening with your new handmade Batik Mug filled with your favorite mac and cheese as you decide whether to catch up on some Netflix or just enjoy some music and read a bit while you gnosh - sounds like a great way to end a hectic day, right? 

The Batik Mug was designed to be just the right size and shape for everything from your morning latte to your ramen lunch and evening dinner. We use them more than anything in our cupboard. If you choose to use it for soup and do the quick dash microwave heat up, it’s pretty handy that the batik stamped handle of our stoneware soup mug doesn’t get hot. If you keep yours in the freezer, it’s pretty darn handy for icecream, but I have to tell you, the handle definitely gets cold. It’s kind of nice in August, though.

Farm to Table food enthusiast, chef and urban farmer, Jason Michael Thomas has declared on more than one occasion that this is his favorite piece of pottery.

While I prefer to handwash my favourite pottery rather than let it rattle around in the dishwasher, the Batik Soup Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. If you do choose to put it in the dishwasher, go with the top shelf and make sure it isn't going to rattle against another item that could potentially cause a chip.

The wide handle is stamped with an antique batik stamp. The texture adds grip while the width makes it easy to hold, even when it’s completely full!

Each mug is wheel thrown then the stamped handle is added. Each one is a little different - that’s the beauty of handmade.

This mug is generously sized to hold a full 12 ounce can of soup with room to spare. This makes it just the right size for soup, mac and cheese, cereal, ice cream, lattes, pasta and anything else you like to eat on the go or snuggled on the sofa.

To learn more about the origin of the Antique Batik Stamp used in making the Batik Collection you can read about it on my blog.

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