Good Luck Espresso Cup

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Call them espresso cups or demitasse. Both are correct when you’re here in the states. It’s a small cup just the right size for enjoying your espresso in style.

After all the care you have put into choosing just the right beans, the right machine, the time it takes to brew, learning to get the crema jusssssst really only makes sense to pour your newly brewed espresso into a handmade pottery cup.

Did you know that ceramic coffee cups do not change the flavor of the coffee? It’s true! There is no chemical reaction happening to alter the taste of your personal favorite brew.

The handle on the new Gravesco Pottery espresso cups were designed with the intention of keeping your hands comfortably cool, but also serves the dual purpose of a sexy little spot for a lemon twist when you’re serving.

Our personal favorite beans are from Tinker Coffee and we have some available right here in the shop!

We call these the Good Luck Espresso Colors because turquoise is the symbolic color of good luck and everyone can use a little more of that!

Holds approximately 3-4 ounces

microwave safe

dishwasher safe

food safe

coffee safe

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