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Does the thought of peopling give you anxiety? Does the anticipation of a random coworker coming up to chat about the weather make you avoid the break room? Would you rather spend time in your comfy clothes doing your newest cross stitch instead of attending a party? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be an introvert and while some people just don't easily catch on that we're introverts, carrying around a sophisticated and cozy mug full of your favorite beverage with "Introvert" quietly emblazoned on it might just do the trick.

The next time Sally strikes up an unwanted conversation about the sunshine, simply take a lonnnnnnng sip from your introvert mug, tune out while you caress the indentation and the handle hugs your fingers. It'll be ok. If she doesn't catch on, just point to the word introvert, avert your gaze and back away. It works like a charm.

Our cream signature handmade pottery mugs are the perfect addition to your kitchen table. The ergonomic pinched handle means they are effortless to hold, making them a great choice for those mornings when you need an extra dose of caffeine.

  • holds 12+ ounces
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • handmade on the potter's wheel by real humans in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • pinched signature handle has a spot for every finger to fit comfortably
  • balances easily even when full
  • indentation under the handle gives extra knuckle room
  • the tapered lip makes drinking dribble free
  • each one is unique and has the makes of the markers
  • we celebrate the variations in size, surface and details
  • the image transfer is fired into the surface of the glaze and is permanent. It won't wear off but repeated use over months or years in the dishwasher may etch the surface just like it does with every glass or mug in the dishwasher
  • please allow 1-3 weeks for your order to be glazed and shipped