Playtime Mug #1

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You’re an individual and you love unique things. Knowing that no one else will have the exact same thing you have is a bit of a thrill, right? That’s one of the reasons behind this new series of one a kind mugs.

I was able to sit at the wheel and throw a series of new handmade pottery mugs without concern about making them all as close to a match set as possible. Letting the creativity flow was such a fun change of pace in my production studio that is normally focused on consistency of form. It was honestly a blast and energized me in so many creative ways.


A one of a kind handmade mug.

All work and no play leads to the exciting life of a studio potter becoming relatively mundane so we don’t let that happen at Gravesco Pottery. 

Every once in a while we take time to just play in the studio with new clay, different glaze combinations and new shapes. This is one of those mugs.

The clay is Brown Bear from Kentucky Mudworks in Louisville, Kentucky. The glaze is our signature Classic White. The shape is a one-off that may or may not be repeated again.

Your mug can be as individual as you.

Holds approximately 21 ounces.

Food safe.

Microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe.

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