Posies Textured Planter in Classic White Glaze

$ 36.00

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Little polka dot posies are stamped into the surface of this textured pottery planter as I make it. The stamp is one that I carved years ago and keep coming back to because there is just something sweet about the little flower. The posies handmade planter is a terrific hostess, wedding or Mother's day gift. We love ours for growing wheat grass, basil, rosemary, aloe, and a variety of other houseplants.

Each planter is handmade using our favorite dark brown Kentucky clay, stamped with my polka dot posies stamp, fired in an electric kiln and glazed using my favorite classic white glaze that we mix in the studio. You may not receive the exact pot in this photo but one like it that we know you'll love. The one of a kind qualities of each planter is what makes handmade such a wonderful choice.

Measures approximately 3" high x 4" diameter. There is a drainage hole and the saucer is included to make sure the planter doesn't leak onto your favorite table.

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