Sass & Circumstance: An Adult Coloring Book That Tells it Like it is

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Twenty-four illustrations of sexy girls, beatnik birds, wine and martinis, foul language and statements of fact are all assembled in one handy dandy 8.5x11" book for your coloring pleasure.

If you enjoy coloring and are looking for something a little age inspirational, then this is the book for you. Not that there's anything wrong with new age inspirational but sometimes you just need to scream OH SHIT at the top of your lungs to feel better.  I've found that illustrating this book left me giggling and hope coloring these pages has the same effect for you.

52 pages

8.5x11 Soft Cover Book with a full color cover and white single sided pages with black linework.

All the images are original freehand illustrations with old fashioned pen and paper by me, Rebecca Graves.

 When you order the book here, you will receive a PDF with bonus coloring pages to print yourself.

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