Skull Tea Bowl

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Skulls have fascinated me since childhood. I’ve always been interested in what lies beneath the surface and this certainly qualifies! It is soothing to me to consider that each of us is made the same way from the inside and the primary variations begin with such subtle differences in our skeletal system. Perhaps that is a bit too deep to contemplate while discussing something so humble as a tea bowl.

On the other hand, skulls are just badass.

This particular skull stamp was made in the studio based on one of my signature illustrations.

We’ll intuitively choose just the right handmade tea bowl for you. Each one is a little bit different and unique just like you.

Reading tea leaves or sipping your favorite tea for pleasure is one of the best daily rituals I can think of. While sometimes I enjoy a ginormous mug of tea, more often I prefer a small cup with my cast iron tea pot keeping my brew nice and hot for the next refill.

Holds approximately 6 ounces

microwave safe

dishwasher safe

food safe


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