Small Salad Plate exclusively for Jason Michael Thomas

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Serving a small salad or a dish with a sauce needs a little more of a lip to keep the goodness in than just a small plate would do. After observing the dishes Jason Michael Thomas was preparing for The Indy Gourmet Club, potter Rebecca Graves Prowse of Gravesco Pottery designed a custom plate/bowl combo just for him. It’s not quite a bowl, but it’s more bowl than plate. Does that make it a plowl? A blate? We’re not quite sure, but we do know that it has become incredibly useful for serving small dishes from sandwiches to salads to pastas and a lot of other creative things you can see on Jason’s instagram feed.

Measures approximately 7.5 - 8" diameter. Each plate is completely handmade and individually unique. 

Rebecca Graves of Gravesco Pottery makes each plate by hand of high fire white stoneware for durability. Perfect for entertaining, every day use or even restaurant ware.

The glaze is a little different on each plate and shows the marks made by the artist’s hand. You may not receive the exact plate in the photo but we promise it will be similar and equally fabulous.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, though, I do recommend hand washing since things bang around quite a bit in the dishwasher. If you choose to use the dishwasher anyway, your pottery will last much longer if you're careful to place it where it won't vibrate or bang against other dishes.

Each piece of pottery is carefully wrapped and packed to ensure safe delivery.

 (Photo by Dave Plumier for Jason Michael Thomas. Food by Jason Michael Thomas)

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