Symbols of the Sacred Feminine Bowl Carving Workshop with Rebecca Graves Prowse and Deb Swingholm

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Symbols of the sacred feminine workshop with Deb Swingholm of Flowering Moon

Symbols of the Sacred Feminine Bowl Carving Workshop

SUNDAY, June 2nd, 2019 1pm - 3:30pm

(note: the date on the first email was incorrect. The correct date is June 2nd)

There was a time - not so long ago - when humans saw the Divine as a woman. A wise, protective, nourishing Goddess.

All around the world she was honored and today her symbols remain. They are consistent. Recognizable. Powerful and magical.

These symbols form a language - a sacred vocabulary that evokes plants, animals, creation, transformation and all the cycles of the Earth.

Goddess symbols appear in Renaisance paintings, gothic cathedrals and stone grottos. They show up in folk art like weaving, handmade carpets, basketmaking, pottery and other women's crafts.

In this workshop, you'll get to know some of these symbols and find out how they were used. Then you'll work with them to create 2 carved bowls. Later, you can use your bowls for smudging, to hold holy water or to keep your favorite stones or crystals.

This ancient imagery will...

- connect you more deeply with the natural world

- add layers of meaning to your favorite fairy tales and myths

- let you see the Goddess as your ally and guardian

- activate your creativity in new ways


Workshop date: June 2nd 1pm-3:30pm est

Workshop Leaders:

Deb Swingholm of Flowering Moon will lead the workshop on the sacred feminine.

Rebecca Prowse of Gravesco Pottery will lead the group through carving their personal symbols into 2 handmade bowls that she's made in advance for just this purpose.

Gravesco Pottery
Ruckus Micro-Manufacturing  
1417 Commerce Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Enter through the glass doors next to the big overhead door with an A. You'll be guided back to Rebecca's Studio where we'll all participate.

The class is limited to 8 participants to ensure a personal experience and time for carving. No previous ceramics experience is necessary. This workshop is open to adults of all skill levels.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Expect to get a bit dirty, but nothing you'll be using is likely to permanently stain your clothing. 

Bowls will be carved at the workshop then glazed and fired. Finished bowls will be available for pick up 2 weeks after the workshop. All participants will be notified by email when the bowls are available. If you're unable to pick up your bowl in two weeks, that's no problem, we can arrange for delivery and work out the details while you're at the workshop.

Feel free to bring your own beverages or snacks for yourself or to share. Light snacks, iced water, tea and wine will be available.


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