The Batik Planter with Saucer in Classic White Glaze

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Next to a sunny window is such a lovely spot for a touch of green in a home, studio or office. Several studies have shown that having house plants improves your focus, reduces carbon dioxide (obviously) and promotes relaxation. Detailed info on the science of house plants is a simple google search away. In the meantime, wouldn't your houseplant look even better in a handmade pot?

I've started growing grass in cute pots by the windows in our carriage house apartment because our kitties will eat any plant that is within reach. At least the grass is low maintenance and not going to cause any issues. If you have kitties, too, and want to grow some plants they shouldn't eat, you might try the hanging planters. We have some of each style in our apartment because to my thinking, you can never have too many house plants. If you can, I don't want to know what the limit is before I become a crazy plant lady.

Each planter comes with the saucer and measures approximately 4.5" across and 3.5-4" high. You may not receive the exact planter in the photo, but it will be the same style. Each one is completely unique and has its own special character.

Wondering about that tangled knot of clay sitting next to the planter with the grass? That's The Tangle. It started out as a paperweight but has become a favorite object d'art and you can find it here.

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