The fingerprint textured planter with saucer in classic white glaze

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With all the tools available in the studio, sometimes my own fingers are the tools of choice. When making this simple white planter, I realized that my fingertips were leaving a pleasing pattern in the clay that reminds me of the hand carved texture of my wooden coffee table. Curious how my fingerprints would show through the glaze I decided to roll with it, playing up the different shapes I could make with my fingertips while spanking the clay gently over the form.

While I do love a simple form, texture is always what captures my attention. The way this texture in the clay plays against different plants is endlessly fascinating to me. It adds a touch of simple sophistication and rustic elegance to the most humble houseplants or most beautiful, exotic plants.

Each planter is completely unique. You may not receive the exact planter in the photo but we're confident you'll love its individuality that makes it one of a kind.

Measures approximately 3.5" high x 4-4.25" diameter and includes a saucer to catch any drips and protect your tabletop.

If you want to pair it with The Tangle Paperweight/Oject d'art, you can find that right here.

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