The Tangle - paperweight object d'art - Classic White Glaze

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With the breezes blowing softly, but insistently, through the open windows of our carriage house loft apartment are no match for The Tangle when it comes to keeping my paperwork stationary on the table where I often work in the morning. When not employed for its truly functional purpose, The Tangle is a textural object d'art that graces the top of a stack of books or shelf with elegance and invites you to touch.

A request for a paperweight was the original inspiration for The Tangle. Playing with long extruded coils of dark brown Kentucky clay, I combined my weaving and sculpture skills to create a functional paperweight that is a completely unique object d'art.

Because of the process, no two are exactly the same. You may not receive the exact Tangle that is pictured here, but yours will be equally graceful and completely one of a kind.

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