The Tasting Plate - Set of 6

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Sometimes a small bite is all you need. The Tasting Plate was designed specifically for Jason Michael Thomas to use for a small course at his farm to table dinners in downtown Indianapolis at the Urban Awareness Gardens.

Standing around the kitchen while he cooks, he hands over a tasting plate with a delicious morsel artfully displayed so we don't go hungry while waiting for the dinner to really ramp up in earnest. Sometimes it is a little bit of locally made cheese and flaky pastry, other times it is a bit of fresh veggie or bite of meat. At other times, I'll wander into his kitchen to find them used as mise en place (French for everything in its place) as he is preparing the meal. All the herbs, spices and garnishes are displayed on the dishes and ready for him to add to the dish without fumbling with containers in the midst of cooking.

Each set of 6 tasting plates will offer you plenty of possibilities from simple cheese and crackers, a cookie or cupcake, or your own culinary creation. Regardless, you're going to impress your friends because everything looks even more delicious on handmade pottery.


Each plate is completely handmade using our signature Kentucky brown clay and proprietary glazes mixed in the studio. Keep in mind that each one, as a result, will be slightly unique and that's what makes living with handmade pottery so fabulous. Each person in your household will gravitate to their favorite one.

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