The Wobble Soup and Latte Mug | Classic White

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Delicious textures that beg to be touched are one of my favorite things in life. I've been using the wheel for most of my pottery the last few years, but after the holidays I decided to play a bit more with my old love, hand building pottery instead of using the wheel for everything. It felt so good to get my hands back in the clay forming and shaping functional wares out of flat slabs. It's a mental challenge to figure out how best to engineer a piece so I can make it again and again while still allowing little things like folds in the clay, the canvas texture from rolling out the slabs of clay and my finger prints shine through.

The handmade stoneware soup and latte mug is the perfect size for a single serving of anything you'd normally eat in a bowl. I'm partial to mac n cheese in mine. It's also fantastic for oatmeal, soup, snacks, yogurt and fruit, a matcha latte, a smoothie, breakfast scramble, noodles, soup (of course) or your favorite Tinker Coffee latte. You're likely to find yourself reaching for this mug daily.

Do you need some coffee to enjoy with your new cup? You can now purchase my favorite coffee from Tinker Coffee right here! 

Each of these Wobble Soup and Latte Mugs is handmade using a dark brown stoneware clay we get from Kentucky Mudworks just a couple hours away in Louisville, Kentucky. The glaze we mix here in our studio in small batches. 

You may not receive the exact mug in the photo, but you will receive one from this collection that is equally charming and unique. Keep in mind that there will be some lovely serendipity in the surface and the glaze which makes it more than just a mug, it's also a piece of hand crafted, functional art. The white glaze allows the brown clay to shine through in spots throughout, the batik stamped handle has a unique story of its own (you can read more about that here), and the lip dances up and down as it finishes the top of the pot.

We hope you enjoy your new Wobble Soup & Latte handmade pottery mug as much as we enjoyed making it here in our clay studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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