Tinker Coffee Conduit Blend

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Tinker Coffee’s Conduit Blend has been a staple in our home and studio since I first discovered it shortly after they opened up their roasting studio in Indianapolis. Fast forward to February 2018 and we relocated to Indianapolis and moved into a carriage house apartment walking distance from Tinker.

The only thing that makes a handmade mug better is to fill it with something delicious and intentionally chosen. A handmade pottery mug full of Tinker Coffee is a great way to start your morning ritual.

This coffee was recently awarded a Bronze medal in both the Espresso and Milk-Based Espresso categories at the 2018 Golden Bean coffee competition in Portland, Oregon!

From the Latin word “conducere” meaning “bring together”, Conduit brings together seasonal coffees to produce a bright, clean, and balanced flavor profile. Conduit is great isolated as a shot or with milk in a latte or cappuccino. Enjoy the taste of the season.

Current Season: Winter

Tasting Notes: Mixed berries, apple pie, vanilla

12 oz whole been coffee in a resealable bag.

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