Batik Centerpiece Tray | Turquoise

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The Turquoise Batik Centerpiece Tray is the perfect statement piece for your home and kitchen. You can use it as a decorative platter or you can pile it up with delicious delights. Imagine a row of perfectly glazed donuts or cheesy garlic bread stacked and ready to grab during a s’ghetti dinner.

It also makes a beautiful serving piece. k has used this centerpiece tray for serving sliced pork tenderloin with a beautiful sauce among other delicious dishes.

Made of dark brown stoneware for durability. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Personally, I prefer to hand wash my pottery as things knock around quite a bit in the dishwasher. However, if you choose to use the dishwasher, your pottery will last much longer if you're careful to place it where it won't vibrate or bang against other dishes.

Each piece of pottery is carefully wrapped and packed to ensure safe delivery.

$5 flat rate shipping on your entire order in the continental United States!

To learn more about the origin of the Antique Batik Stamp used in making the Batik Collection you can read about it on my blog.


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