Batik Mug for Soup or Latte | Turquoise Glaze

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Snuggle up with your favorite latte or a tasty mug full of soup to ward off a chill or just relax, taking a break from your busy life. You’ll find yourself reaching for this mug every day for everything you’d normally use a mug or a bowl for like:
-your favorite latte
-hot cocoa

The wide handle is stamped with an antique batik stamp for texture which makes it easy and comfortable to grip. The width of the handle makes it easy to hold even when completely full to the rim and the bottom is curved just right to warm your hands if you like to snuggle your mug like we do.

How the mugs are made:

In the true sense of slow living, each mug is thrown on my potter’s wheel and the stamped handle is added the next day when the clay is just right. Once it dries (slowly so it doesn’t crack) it is bisque fired in one of my electric kilns to remove all the moisture and prepare the mug for glaze. The bisque firing process takes approximately thirty hours from the time we load the kiln until it is cool enough to unload again. The mug is then glazed and back into the kiln it goes for another firing, this time to 2200 degrees f. Twenty-four hours later we open the kiln and I have to tell you, it’s like Christmas every time. It never gets old.

Because of the handmade nature of the mug, each one is a little different. You probably won’t receive the exact mug in the photos, but we promise you’ll receive a similar mug that is equally fabulous. Every single one is unique and we think that is the beauty of handmade.

***The Batik Soup Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, though I personally prefer to hand wash my favorite pottery rather than allow it to rattle around in the dishwasher. That's just my personal preference, though, and you're welcome to clean your new latte mug however you'd like! If you do choose to put it in the dishwasher, go with the top shelf and make sure it isn't going to rattle against another item that could potentially cause a chip.

The mug holds approximately 11-12 ounces to the tippy top, though because of the unique nature of handmade, that may vary a bit in either direction.

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To learn more about the origin of the Antique Batik Stamp used in making the Batik Collection you can read about it on my blog.

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