Utensil Jar and Wine Chiller - Classic White

$ 65.00

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Keep your utensils artfully wrangled on your countertop or chill this container for a couple hours in the refrigerator to hold a chill on your wine as you entertain. I happen to love something that serves more than one purpose in the kitchen. Part of that comes from my practical upbringing and part comes from never having enough storage space in the kitchen. Regardless, however you choose to use yours, this crock is going to serve you well for years to come. In fact, you can even use it for an impromptu flower vase filling it with flowers, twigs, branches, greenery or anything else that captures your attention.

Measures approximately 6” diameter and 9” high

Made using dark brown stoneware from Kentucky and our Classic White glaze that we mix in the studio.

 You can find the Good Luck Turquoise Jar here.

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