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You're an individual who revels in doing your own thing

You care where your food comes from and making ethical choices is your jam. So do we. In fact, we've extended this intention to include our dinnerware, too. Everything seems more precious when we know there are real people behind the brand.

Our hands touch every piece of pottery during the making process creating fingerprints, textures and special spots that make each one completely unique.

Our hands connect in those subtle details when you enjoy your Gravesco pottery.

New Studio Open House

Sunday, September 22nd from 2pm-5pm

After brunch, join us at the new Gravesco Pottery Studio at the corner of Mass Ave and Commerce Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana to celebrate the opening of the new Gravesco Pottery Studio and showroom.
"Damn, these handles are really nice."
"My hub is always like...DAMN, these handles are really nice. It's such a small detail, until you notice."
Your handles are the most comfortable
"Your handles are the most comfortable. Everyone always comments on it. Good God. Intentional design is a thing."
I love your bowls
"I love your bowls. The big bowl made my heart flutter."
the perfect gift
"These cups make the perfect hostess gift!"
So many compliments
“We had some friends over yesterday - the first time I’ve been able to host and use my beautiful pottery! So many compliments and I was able to gush about how this incredible artist made the most beautiful custom set for me!”

meet the team

We're a family here at Gravesco. While I'm busy making pottery at the wheel, the rest of the team is working their own particular kind of magic.
  • collaboration + sustainability

We've joined forces with Jason Michael Thomas of Urban Awareness Gardens to bring you thoughtfully designed handmade tableware, foraged teas, workshops & cooking inspiration.

Sustainability is one of the first connections Jason & I made when we met over the fence.

Caring for our planet & future generations is important to both of us. Jason's farm operates with zero food waste and we recycle every scrap of clay that can be saved in the studio then rework it into clay again. Recycling, conservation and thoughtful choices lead to a more sustainable, or at least lower impact, life.

Slow living is good living.

Join us in making intentional choices for a better future.

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