Do you get a little giddy about the idea of working in a production pottery studio?

Do you like to stay busy and feel satisfied by completing a to do list?

Do you like to make things?

Do you like to make a lot of the same thing and enjoy the satisfaction of all those things lined up in a fabulous grid on the shelves?

Are you willing to do whatever random things might need to be done so I can focus on my own zone of genius and so can my fabulous studio manager, Mackenzie?

Have you been daydreaming about working somewhere that appreciates you even if you get dressed in the dark and have bed head?

Do you enjoy physical work with little to no downtime so the day goes by quickly?

Can you repeatedly lift 50 pounds of something? Like, oh, boxes of clay and glaze ingredients.

Are you thrilled at the idea of a 4 day work week and no early mornings?

Are you my next studio assistant?

What you must be able to do to be my studio assistant:

Things my future assistant doesn’t need (but it’s ok if you have these, too):

Bonus points if you...

FINALLY, my studio is a NO BULLSHIT ZONE. If drama follows you around, this is not the right place for you. While we do work steadily and get a lot done in a day, we do it in a laid back way that is easy and comfortable. The goal is to make coming to work enjoyable for everyone involved. While I appreciate that sometimes you just have a bad day, something goes wrong, or your ex does something really wacky, work is not the place to let those things diminish your performance.


Maybe you’ve read through all this and it’s not the right fit for you but you know the perfect person, that’s cool! Send them our way. I love referrals!

Did you read through this shouting, “YESSSSS! THIS is the next job for me!” (even if you did that super low-key and inside your head) then proceed to the next step and fill out the application! If you’re a potter and want to show me your work, too, please add your website and social media where I can see your work at the end of the application.

I can’t wait to meet you.

We’re pretty busy over here, so if you don’t hear from me right away, just hang in there. Once the position is filled, we’re going to keep the application open because you just never know when the right person comes along to encourage me to expand the team one more time.