Packing + Shipping

We take packing and shipping pottery very seriously.

In an effort to do as little damage as possible to this round ball floating in space that we live on, it has always been important that our packaging be recycled, recyclable and plastic free whenever possible. Obviously, it is equally important that everything make it to your home in perfect condition, too. Traditionally for potters that means bubble wrap and packing peanuts but we love you too much to do that to your living room floor and while bubble wrap can be a good stress reliever, we don't love that it's more plastic that just gets tossed in the trash.

We worked with the team at Brown & Pratt, our local box and shipping supplier, to come up with a solution that checks all the boxes and after a year+ of using the method we are delighted to say it works. We use the StoroPak eco friendly recycled content packing paper system and recycled content boxes. The only plastic we ever use is our packing tape and if we do use bubble wrap it is only because we had it on hand from something that was sent to us and we don't want to throw it away. 

You will never ever ever get a box from us with packing peanuts in it. Those static laden bastards are a hard no for me. They drive me bonkers when I get them and I'm not going to do that to you.

With all that said, we encourage you to reuse the packaging you receive from us. That's why we don't have the boxes printed with our logo. If you're not going to reuse the boxes, please break them down and recycle them properly along with the packing paper.

Chris, our resident shipping guru, works hard to ensure each order is properly  packaged so it arrives to you safely. Once it is passed off to the shipping provider, though, we know crazy things can happen. If you receive your order and something is broken please take a few photos and send them to us with a description within 7 days. We will need a photo of the box so we can assess it for damage, a photo of the contents and a photo of the broken piece(s). Shoot an email to Chris or drop the details in our contact form. We'll file a claim with the shipping company for you and get out a replacement. 

Please keep in mind that front porch bandits are out and about so if you're unable to have packages delivered to a secure location, that will be your responsibility. We cannot offer a replacement or file a claim on a package after it has been delivered if it is stolen or missing from your porch or mail room. On occasion a shipper will mark something as delivered and not physically deliver it until the next day - we know that's frustrating but has happened often enough it is worth mentioning. If your package tracking says it is delivered but it has not been, give it one more day just in case.

We hope that you are in the majority of customers who receive their order in fabulous shape and without issue but if you happen to be one of those rare eggs with a shipping issue please reach out. We want to help figure it out!