Free Downloadable Coloring Pages

Thank you for pre-ordering my new Adult Coloring Book, Sass and Circumstance.

Please enjoy your downloadable coloring pages.  I prefer to print them on a white cardstock paper which you can get from any office supply store or superstore.  If you print on cardstock, the page will be more durable than standard paper for intense coloring activity. But hey, I'm not trying to control you.  I don't want that responsibility. Use whatever kind of paper you want!

***The legal crap: Please keep in mind that these coloring pages are copyrighted and are a thank you gift for purchasing my new book. As such, please don't share them outside your household or put the uncolored pages anywhere on the internet or social media, or sell the images. It's for personal use.***

I would love it, however, if you wanted to send me a photo of your finished page(s) or tag me on instagram @gravesco so I can see all the cool stuff you're doing with the pages.

Several people have asked me what I like to use for coloring my pages.  I like Crayola Super Tips markers, prisma colored pencils, gel pens and am not above using eyeshadow if I want a little sparkle.  Get creative and play. There are no rules except those listed above.


Enjoy and thank you again for your order!