Groomsmen Gifts

Believe me, I know that picking out a gift for your wedding party is not the easiest of tasks. It's honestly a lot harder than deciding whether to serve chicken or fish at the reception. It's not every day that your friends get to stand up with you while you marry yourself off to your perfect partner in life.

Treat them to something truly special that is a symbol of your years of friendship. Give them something they'll truly use and smile with fond memories of the event, not just some trinket you found online because you're supposed to give a gift. 

As a member of the Rebecca Graves Pottery Wedding Club, you can take 10% off all your Groomsmen's Gifts! I'll even personalize them for you, if you'd like, with your name, the wedding date, a drawing or your favorite group inside joke.

Whether you choose a personalized mug, wall tile, or want something more like a custom shave kit including all natural shaving products from Bumble & Co, we can work together to create something your Best Man and Groomsmen will love.

If you're ready to choose a gift that means something, fill out the form on this page and let me know what you're thinking. I'd love to chat with you about the many options available for making your groomsmen gifts personal and badass.

*Wedding photos courtesy of Grant Beachy Photography*