Muse Monthly Coloring Page

I'm excited to partner with Muse Monthly. Each subscription box in September 2016 will include an exclusive illustrated bookmark and discount code. To keep the loving going after you've finished reading, enjoy a free downloadable coloring page inspired by the September 2016 Muse Monthly book selection, The Gentle Man by Forrest Leo.

Muse Monthly has this to say about The Gentle Man, "I can't wait for you to read The Gentleman! It's a hilarious story about a man who accidentally sells his wife to the devil! You're going to love it!..."

If you've found your way to this free coloring page and don't know about Muse Monthly but you love tea and reading, it's definitely time that you subscribe to Muse Monthly, a subscription box for books and tea.

 (Scroll to the bottom of the page to add the coloring page to your cart and checkout for free to receive the instant download).

Muse Monthly A Gentle Man by Forrest Leo Photo by Muse Monthly