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Gardener's Boot Mug | Black

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Meet the Gardener's Boot Mug, your new morning companion. This isn't your average coffee holder, folks. Shaped like a trusty pair of wellies, it's a testament to those dew-kissed mornings spent tending to your leafy companions, a nod to the simple joy of watching life grow. It's a piece of art, a conversation starter, a mug that tells a story. So, whether you're sipping your morning brew amidst your beloved plants or sharing gardening tales with friends, the Gardener's Boot Mug is there, adding a dash of green thumb charm to every sip. Here's to the Boot Mug - because life's too short for ordinary mugs.

  • measures approximately 2.5" wide x 5" long x 3.5" high
  • holds approximately 7-8 ounces
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • handmade stoneware
  • made by real humans! No two are quite the same.
  • we embrace the unique qualities of form and finish that makes handmade pottery a piece of our legacy
  • please allow 1-3 weeks for your one of a kind mug to be glazed and shipped

Care + Safety

Microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe.

Freezer safe.

Avoid temperature shock.

It's ok if you want to hand wash your pottery, too.

Oven safe only if you put it into a cold oven before preheating to avoid temperature shock.

Decorative pottery for outdoors should be brought inside for freezing temperatures to ensure water doesn't freeze inside and cause cracking.

Our pottery is always lead free.

How it's packed

Our shipping and packing materials are always recycled content paper and cardboard.

We never ever use peanuts or plastic packing materials.

We always encourage you to reuse or recycle your packing material and boxes - or give them to your favorite feline pals,

  • $6 Flat Rate Shipping

    Delivery is only $6 in the continental United States.
    For all other locations we've negotiated the best rates we could find so you can rest assured knowing you're always getting our best price for shipping.

  • Eco Friendly Packaging

    Chris takes great pride in packing every order in recycled content paper and cardboard. We don't use plastic or peanuts . Ever.

  • Easy Care

    It's easy to care for! You can hand wash your new pottery or pop it in the dishwasher. It's microwave safe, too!

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