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Reduce puffiness and redness, tone facial muscles, improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

Hand crafted from natural stone. Empower your skin with the soothing, earthy goodness of our natural jade facial roller.

Made from jade stone with a brilliant green hue, each facial roller is unique with dual-ends to tone and revitalize your skin.

Valentia Jade Facial Roller promotes and supports a radiant complexion by:

• Reducing puffiness

• Smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

• Brightening dark circles

• Toning facial muscles

• Leaving skin looking fresh and supple

How to use your jade roller:

1. Begin at the chin and roll upward and outward toward your hairline, working your way to your cheeks, outer eyes, and eyebrows on each side of your face.

Take 2-4 gentle passes per section. The natural pressure of the stone against your skin should feel light and comfortable. 

2. Move to forehead and temples by starting at the top of the eyebrow and rolling up toward your hairline. 

3. Use the smaller end of your roller for more delicate, hard to reach places, like under your eyes and around your nose and mouth.

Face - Work your jade roller upwards and outwards to include the appropriate direction of flow underneath your skin. Be gentle! Remember, your skin is a delicate, living organ, so give it light, comfortable pressure for maximum effectiveness.

A little extra love - Use the smaller end of the roller on the areas of your skin that need a little more love, like the tissue-thin skin around your eyes, the finely detailed areas around your nose, and the hard-working, flexible skin just around your mouth.

Routine to Ritual - As you're using your jade roller, take a moment to look at yourself and appreciate your own beauty, inside and out. Skincare is just one component of self-care––use it as an opportunity to support all the elements of your life, body, mind, and soul.

 Storage + Shelf-Life

Gently wipe your Valentia Jade Facial Roller with a clean, damp cloth (and a natural, gentle cleanser, if necessary) after each use, and dry completely before storing away from moisture.

Avoid using any harsh chemical cleansers. You can also store your jade roller in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.