5 ways to decorate with your pottery collection for the holidays

5 ways to decorate with your pottery collection for the holidays

During the holidays there is no better way to show off your handmade pottery collection than by incorporating it into your decor. Here are a few of my favorite ways to create a warm and cozy feel with handmade pottery.

1. Incorporate pottery on your mantle or floating shelves

  • Choose 3-5 pieces you want to highlight depending on how much space you have available. I like a mug or tumbler, a bowl and a candle in a ceramic container or a small plant in a ceramic pot.
  • Use the mug or tumbler as a vase for sprigs of berries and greenery to create an arrangement that adds height and color
  • Add fresh fruit to the bowl. Oranges have a rich history as a traditional Christmas fruit. A bowl of cranberries adds a beautiful pop of red. Pomegranates, pears, apples, lemons, limes...whatever color you want to accent with, winter fruits are a quick and simple design choice
  • Add sprigs of natural greenery across the mantle and any other little holiday keepsakes that bring up good memories. 
  • If you want a little extra sparkle, a strand of battery operated led fairy lights can lend ambiance and a twinkle without having to find an extension cord
  • When the sun goes down, light your candle and enjoy the soft glow as you unwind and relax.

2. On the dining room or kitchen table

a top view of a holiday table with handmade pottery, a wreath as a centerpiece and lots of bowls filled with fresh fruit

Fill a big, beautiful bowl like our Harvest Bowl, Becca Bowl, or Salad Serving Bowl with fresh fruit and greenery

  • I like to place some natural greenery in the bowl as a bit of a nest, sticking out a bit around the edges then fill the bowl with seasonal fruit. It's a fragrant and colorful centerpiece that evokes the holiday season
  • Another great way to bring some holiday charm to the centerpiece is to place a wreath on the table and set a handmade bowl in the center of it. 
  • For an added layer of texture or color lay a table runner down first. If you don't have a table runner, use your favorite scarf! A beautiful plaid or cable knit scarf makes a beautiful table linen and adds an unexpected texture. I've been known to use hand knit scarves, woven scarves, silk scarves, blanket scarves. Get creative and throw the rules out the window.
  • When the table is full of festive goodness, you don't have to use Christmas themed plates! Use your favorites and let the greenery and bowls of fruit be the festive vibe. I personally love the vintage medical illustration plates from a couple years ago (I'm considering a reprise - let me know on Instagram @gravesco if you want me to bring these back). Mix and match. Have fun with it. There are no rules! Decorating rules are a construct!

3. Do you have a hutch or china cabinet?

  • Choose a few pieces of your favorite pottery. I like to work with odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 or 9. There is always a nice balance of composition when working with odd numbers but if you love symmetry, go with even numbers. You do you!
  • Empty off the shelves. Give them a good cleaning.
  • Now place your pottery in a balanced manner on the shelves. You don't want them all lined up - give it a little flow. Stand back and see if you like the way your eye moves across the shelves.
  • Once you have your pottery where you want it, add in some glassware, holiday decorations and a little natural greenery. 
  • Use your cups or mugs as a vase for natural greenery if you'd like a little more height and color. Add fresh fruit to the bowls or on the shelves. Dried or artificial sprigs of berries can add some nice color.
  • Use simple round glass ornament bulbs - you know the classic ones that everyone has on their tree - nestled in amongst the pots and greenery for a little extra sparkle
  • If you don't have a light in the cabinet consider battery operated flickering tea light faux candles in a small cup or a glass jar. You don't want a real flame anywhere that is enclosed or with a shelf above it but you can still have the ambiance!

4. On your coffee table

  • Interior design magazines almost always have a tray or bowl on the coffee table filled with something like those decorative balls. There's a reason! It adds a focal point and texture that makes a room feel cozy.
  • Start out by cleaning off the coffee table. 
  • If you want to add a touch of fabric this is a great time to put on a table runner. Even if you don't use one year round it can be a nice touch of homeyness this time of year. I also like to use a large round or oval sea grass placemat for some added texture. I'm all about texture!
  • Add a stack of coffee table books. 2-3 is plenty. 
  • Sit a large bowl - I usually use our Harvest Bowl - on top of or next to the books and fill it with ornaments. If you have cats or kids, go for the plastic ornaments that look like glass. A bundle of vintage glass ball ornaments are beautiful, too! All one color is lovely but if you're feeling festive af, get wild with it and add in anything that makes you happy.
  • When you light your tree, the lights will bounce off the ornaments and create a festive glow

5. On your desk. 

Listen. I get it. We have all been doing some level of work from home, right? If not, we still have a spot we sit to do the dreaded bills, respond to emails...all those grown up things. Why not add a little festive cheer here, too?

  • This is a great spot for a Forest Green Big Handle Mug to sip your coffee.
  • Maybe one of our limited edition ceramic Christmas trees nestled on the corner of your desk.
  • The Cocktail cup makes a lovely little vase for an arrangement of greenery.
  • It doesn't need to be much. You don't want to be overwhelmed with stuff on your work surface but a little touch is a nice reminder to slow down and take a moment for gratitude, joy and just breathe.

Three different sizes of white bowls on a black table with flocked greenery and fresh pomegranates

Handmade pottery is a wonderful way to breathe a sense of calm and unique ambience into your holiday decorating. 

Whether you choose to hit the website and order some pottery just for this purpose or open your kitchen cupboards and look at your pottery collection with a renewed eye for how it can be used outside the kitchen - decorating with pottery is one of our favorite ways to take a room from house to home.

When you're done, make a mug of cocoa, coffee or tea and sit in your favorite spot, curled up and enjoying the aesthetic you've created.

Join us at the retail store November 11th from 5-8pm for the launch of our holiday pottery and gifts! The store is located in the heart of the Indianapolis Near Eastside Neighborhood at 1501 E Michigan Street.


For more ideas on how to design a gorgeous holiday table with handmade pottery, HERE is another blog post with some of my personal favorites.

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