Hand Knit Chevron Dish Cloth Free Pattern Download

Hand Knit Chevron Dish Cloth Free Pattern Download

Since washing dishes is a bit of a chore and we're living in a cozy little lake cottage with just a tiny galley kitchen and no room for a dishwasher, I like to add some little luxuries into the routine. I have always loved using handknit dishcloths. I don't know if it is the idea that they're handmade which warms me so or if it is the amazing textures that make easy work of an otherwise boring chore.

At least a couple times a week I take a nice afternoon or late morning break to calm my mind and gear up for the next part of the day's production. Often, I'll watch an episode of whatever Netflix I'm binging on at the time, make a cup of coffee and knit. It's 20-30 minutes where I'm not on social media, the computer is occupied with Netflix so I can't be surfing and wasting time, and I can just relax and regroup.

When I want to just let my mind wander, knitting washcloths for myself and friends is the perfect project. It keeps my hands busy and the antsypants a bit under control and I end up with something useful or a lovely gift.

Lately, my favorite washcloth has been this lacy chevron pattern. It's a wee bit of a challenge at first but once you've completed a couple rows it just moves along on its own. They're beautiful and useful for the kitchen or the bathroom and loaded with texture for some serious scrubbing.

These are made using the Knit Picks CotLin yarn. I love the durability that the linen adds to the finished cloth and you can't beat the texture. It's a dk weight knit on size 7 needles. You're welcome to use whatever natural fiber yarn suits your fancy and gauge really isn't an issue. If I use something like the Bernat Cotton or Peaches and Cream I usually move up to a size 8 needle so it isn't too tight and the cloth turns out a bit bigger. 

If you're ready to pick up your needles and make a pretty treat for yourself or a friend, you can download the PDF of the pattern right here or by clicking on any of the photos here in the post.

Happy knitting!

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