Happy 2021: The Lounge is relaunched.....

Happy 2021: The Lounge Playlist is relaunched.....

A brief history of the Lounge Playlist:

When Rebecca and I relocated to Indianapolis exactly 3 years ago, I started creating a weekly music playlist & blog post in The Lounge portion of Rebecca’s pottery website - when COVID arrived in early 2020, I was out of playlist ideas and decided to take a break while seeing what the year would bring - HOLY TUBTHUMPING FUCK - we all pretty much know what that fucking year brought! - but this new year has brought some optimism: a new president, an imminent vaccine and maybe, just maybe, some sort of return to a sense of normal - so that’s essentially why the weekly Lounge playlist is coming back - to give you a blast of tunes to survive the week (whether you're still at home or back to work) and to remind you that better days are ahead.


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What you'll find on the playlist:


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