The leaves are turning and my knitting needles are clacking

The leaves are turning and my knitting needles are clacking

If you know me, you know that I'm a hard core knitter. Once upon a time it was my full time job. I've published under my own name, Urban Tribal Wear, S Type Creative and also written countless patterns for yarn companies over the years.

I was perusing Ravelry this afternoon for some inspiration to use the odds and ends of awesome wool that make up enough of a palette for a gorgeous fall sweater when I noticed I have a message. I haven't been on Ravelry for a while so hope I didn't let this sit there for too terribly long. 

Someone was asking for a copy of my Super Bulky Scarf pattern and the link was broken. I've decided to update my patterns with my new logo and repost them here over the next few weeks for easy access. You can find the Super Bulky Scarf Pattern here, or click on the photo of it below. Any new knitting patterns I add, you'll be able to find by searching "knitting" in the search bar at the top if you don't want to scroll through the blog posts.

Tonight I'm playing around with an idea for a boxy, drop shoulder sweater with these leftover skeins from other projects. I'm just sort of making it up as I go along. After years of knitting for business, now it is just pure pleasure and if my experiment doesn't work out, that's okay with me. It just means raveling it and starting over.

If you haven't pulled out your needles yet, I hope you find inspiration and get them clacking. If you want to give this super bulky cabled scarf a try, you can download the free pattern and have a cozy scarf in a few hours.



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