Wheel Talk Podcast with Becca Otis and Ryan Durbin

Wheel Talk Podcast with Becca Otis and Ryan Durbin

Here’s a little something fun. If you’re interested in all the behind the scenes business end, and more than a little goofiness, of running a pottery studio this is for you.

Becca Otis from 5 Lines Pottery Studio came to Indianapolis from Washington state back in February to spend a little over a week in the studio with me. While she was here, Ryan Durbin drove over from Cincinnati. While hanging out trimming planters we recorded a podcast about selling pottery wholesale. Turns out, the hour or so of content was lost because only eight seconds was recorded. OOPS! Nothing like a good ol’ technical glitch to dampen the mood - only it didn’t. We’re all troopers and found it both hilarious and par for the course.

After realizing none of it recorded we decided to just say “fuck it!” We met friends Doug McIndoe (Coldwater, MI) and Andrew Linderman (Milwaukee, WI) of Linderman Pottery at Roosters Kitchen with the mic and had a rectangle-table dinner and chat. Listen to episode 29 to find out how you can fit 79 dogs in a van, how small the world is and how damn good the grilled cheese and brisket are at Roosters Kitchen.

But back to episode #35...

Since we failed on an epic level to record the podcast on round one, we tried again via skype and now you can enjoy.

Ryan, Becca and I discuss everything from my horrible internet (I swear, if a squirrel farts our internet goes out and we all know squirrels eat a lot of fiber) to calculating pricing on a piece of pottery to my worst wholesale experience and what it’s like to manage a team of 8 really cool people in a production pottery studio.

There’s a lot of laughing, a few moments of getting derailed by something entertaining, but mostly it is Ryan and Becca hItting me with really great questions about how I began, where I thought I would be at this point in my pottery career and where I think I might be headed.

Here’s the link to listen on iTunes. You can find it on all your favorite podcast apps by searching Wheeltalk Podcast. I’m on episode #35.  

Get ready for some laughter, eye rolls and maybe a little insight into what we do.

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