Join The Lounge

Our own Christopher Prowse was a DJ back in college and now has created a year of free playlists for your listening pleasure and so he can relive the glory days of spinning vinyl in the wee hours of the late late nights and very early mornings when upwards of 3, maybe even 4, rebellious Canadian kids were still awake listening to the ol' college radio.

I make it sound glamorous, eh?

For the record, Christopher is Canadian, from London, Ontario and living in Indianapolis now with me, Rebecca, and together we run Gravesco Pottery. Our relationship was founded on a mutual love of live music and it continues to thrive on just that. Good tunes fuel our days and inspire us to keep grooving in this muddy studio. We love every minute of it as long as the music is cranked.

The playlists will be a combination of tunes you love, some you've probably never heard, a few your parents will approve of and maybe even sing along to, and a whole lot of rock n roll.

So sign up, kick back and enjoy. We'll take care of the music.