Earthing Kit

a banner image with all the elements of the gravesco pottery and flowering moon earthing kit on the right side on a white background including a black tin, natural cotton bag, handwoven altar cloth, selenite wand, black tourmaline, amethyst, citrine and quartz crystal. Three cards with ancient symbols in watercolor and the text find a quiet place. Take a deep breath. Get grounded. Be connected. A pocket sized earthing kit for the modern nomad. A collaborative offering from gravesco pottery and flowering moon

Congratulations on choosing the Earthing Kit. Deb and Rebecca have spent the better part of two years exploring what would make an ideal ritual kit that can easily travel anywhere yet be personal, adaptable and work effortlessly for a variety of uses.

For starters, we'd like to share an excerpt from Deb's post on the beauty of ritual that you can find on her site Flowering Moon and encourage you to read the entire article for an understanding of the beauty and usefulness of ritual (click here).

The beauty of ritual

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In my spiritual teaching I talk a lot about ceremony and ritual.  But what is that?  And how can you use it in your daily life?

What is Ritual?

Ritual is transformative. At the root of it, ritual is a symbolic action that sends ripples of energy into the world. No matter how simple, a ceremony is a holy act.  Ritual makes your prayers tangible. It gives form to your desires and intentions. Ritual focuses your intentions and calls on the Spirit World, Ancestors, Spirit Helpers and Guides to support and assist you.

It opens the door to the Divine.


We encourage you to pull on the threads that interest you most as you explore ritual, altars, crystals and working with the Divine Feminine.

If you have questions please reach out and if you want to take a deep dive into a topic we'd like to invite you to join Deb Swingholm on Patreon where she offers workshops and a library of knowledge on subjects ranging from The Symbols of the Divine Feminine to working with the moon, walking with The Goddess retreats, navigating this world as an empath, crafting ritual, working with the seasons and new topics that are added all the time.
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There are a variety of ways to work with your Earthing Kit to support your needs and desires.

Deb says, "The most important thing you need in order to craft your own personal ritual is a clear intention or prayer.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Once you know that, think about how you can represent that desire and give it wings.  What actions, colors, symbols, tools or prayers can help make that real?"


earthing kit on a white backgroundYour Earthing Kit contains the following elements:

  • A cotton bag to contain all the elements with enough room to add personal items if you so desire
  • A tin to hold everything safely inside the bag
  • A handmade altar cloth by Rebecca of Gravesco Pottery woven with the intent of creating a sacred space you can take anywhere
  • Three cards with information about how to use your earthing kit and some information on the crystals themselves. Deb has crafted a simple ritual you can use anywhere for grounding and healing.
  • 1 selenite wand
  • 1 quartz crystal
  • 1 black tourmaline
  • 1 amethyst
  • 1 citrine
  • a small packet of pink salt infused with organic rosemary and lavender

clear spaceclear space

Create a sacred space any time you need it and in any setting.

Find a quiet place.

Take a deep breath.

Now, let's dive a little deeper into working with the elements of your earthing kit starting with the crystals.

Small chunk of black tourmaline for the gravesco pottery and flowering moon earthing kit

black tourmaline

ground, align, strengthen, protect

How can you connect more deeply to the Earth? Can you feel the stability and steadiness? Do you sense the support of Mother Earth beneath you?

Bring awareness to your breath until you feel calm and centered while holding the black tourmaline in your hand. Imagine your energy reaching downward toward the core of the earth. If you're able to stand barefoot outdoors with your feet touching the earth, even better. 

Make your intent clear and specific, write it down, and place it on your altar cloth with the stone. 

rough amethyst crystal on a white background


calm, intuitive, insight, spiritual connection

What are you creating and imagining? How can you be more intuitive? Do you hear the voices of your Guides and Guardians? What support and insights would you ask for?

Write down your intent or question. Bring awareness to your breath until you feel calm and centered. While holding the amethyst in your palm, ask the question or state your intent. Express your gratitude for the crystal and your guides. You may choose to carry the amethyst with you, in your pocket for the day or you may prefer to place it on your altar to work its magick. Follow your intuition. It will guide you toward the proper practice for the moment.


selenite wand on a white background


align, clear, elevate

Bring everything into alignment. Where in your life would you like things to be smoother? More inspired? 

Write down what you would like to be smoother, more aligned, more inspired. Hold that intent in your mind as you calm and center your breathing. Holding the selenite in your hand, imagine what that feels like when those things come true. Release the intent to be fulfilled. Place your selenite crystal and written intention on your altar cloth.



rough citrine crystal on a white background


abundance, bold, confident, joyful

How would you like to be seen by others?  Can you shine more brightly in the world?  What kind of abundance do you desire? Money? Love? Joy? 

Make your intent clear and specific, write it down, and place it on your altar cloth with the stone. 

quartz crystal point on a white background


clarify, ground, heal, release, manifest

Working with Quartz is about knowing what you want it to do for you and being specific. What do you need support with? What would you like to accomplish or create? What do you wish to amplify and energize? What part of your life needs more clarity and focus? 

Make your intent clear and specific, write it down, and place it on your altar cloth with the stone. 

When you’ve finished working with your quartz, clear it with a moon bath or smoke cleansing and it is ready to hold your next intention.

pale grey line

Clear and charge your crystals.

Clear your stones by smoke cleansing or smudging them with sage, copal, frankincense, palo santo or lavender. You can also put stones on top of the selenite to be cleansed. All crystals love to be charged under a full moon.

There is no need to cleanse your crystals in water, especially not your selenite as it will damage your crystal. Do not leave your crystals in direct sunlight for extended time as some crystals may change color or fade over time. Treat your tools well and they will serve you for a lifetime.

a thin pale grey line

Himalayan pink salt infused with organic lavender and rosemary for healing, balancing, grounding and protection.

White banner image with the text healing, balancing, cleansing, protecting and a photo of the small glassine packet of pink salt infused with rosemary and lavender

Salt infused with Lavender and Rosemary is a versatile tool. You can dust this herb-infused salt lightly in corners, at windows and at doors for protection. Add a pinch to your bath for healing, balancing and grounding. Place some in a small bowl where you work or sleep to absorb energy and for protection. After a few days simply throw it out and cleanse your bowl. Repeat as needed.

As an introvert, Rebecca likes to use a small bowl of salt near her work space when people will be around, there is a lot of extra activity or meetings with new people to stay grounded and absorb energy. Deb recommends that if you're having trouble falling asleep or dreaming and waking up still tired, try a small bowl of salt on your night stand and refresh it every couple days or as needed. You don't need anything special, simple pink salt or sea salt will do. Before using it we always offer a blessing and express gratitude for its healing properties and again express gratitude before discarding.

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An altar cloth serves as a container to hold your ritual energy.

layers of handwoven altar cloths in multiple colors on a white background

Your altar cloth can match the intention of your altar or ritual. Use colors and symbols that add meaning. For example, a green cloth with spirals can call forth healing. A handmade natural colored cloth can connect you with the Earth.  

An altar can be simple or elaborate. It can be created outdoors, inside on a table or windowsill - anywhere you will see it, use it and keep it active. If it begins to collect dust that is a signal it is time to clean, purify, refresh and rededicate it.  

Your earthing kit includes a handmade altar cloth by artist Rebecca Graves Prowse of Gravesco Pottery. Each thread is warped and woven with the intent that it will serve you well and provide a sacred container for your rituals. No two altar cloths are quite the same and each is chosen with intuition for your kit.


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Dive deeper into ritual, working with your intuition or the Divine Feminine.

We invite you to pull the threads of ideas that spark your interest, pique your curiosity and improve your life. There are worlds of nuance and information available when you seek it.

Join Deb Swingholm of Flowering Moon on Patreon to learn more.

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