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The Loft Mug Rebecca Graves Pottery The Loft Mug Rebecca Graves Pottery
$ 30.00 $ 36.00

The Loft Mug will become your daily go-to for everything from your morning coffee to your evening tea. Curl up and cuddle this generously sized mug while you contemplate the current state of affairs, or even better, while daydreaming of a time the world returns to some sense of normalcy.

We want to feed people! It's one of our missions to help improve food security in our neighborhoods. Each month we will pay forward $1 from the sale of every Loft Mug to a local food bank or school lunch program.

Each mug is handmade in our Pottery studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. Up to eight artisans are involved in the making of each ceramic mug. We put our passion and dedication for slow living into every step of the process.

Holds approximately 16 ounces of coffee, tea, water, juice, soup, mac n cheese, wine, frosty cold beer, kombucha, miso or whatever else you might want to put in it.

The signature handle fits comfortably in your hand. Your fingers will nestle into each divot creating a comfortable rhythm of our fingers and yours. We may not be able to shake hands right now, but we can still connect through something as simple as a mug handle.

All our pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe (with the exception of the rare occurence when we put some gold luster on something. We've all microwaved something metal in our lives, right? Just to see what happens? No? Just me? I don't buy it).

As always we offer $5 flat rate shipping on your entire order shipped within the continental United States.

Sourdough Bread Baking kit - PRE-ORDER Rebecca Graves Pottery Sourdough Bread Baking kit - PRE-ORDER Rebecca Graves Pottery
$ 98.00 $ 120.00

You may purchase the handmade earthenware bread baker on its own for your personal recipes or as a bundle. The bundle includes a handmade earthenware bread baker, enough locally grown and milled flour for a 2 lb loaf, sourdough starter and access to the Jason Michael Thomas online instructional video teaching you how to make his signature sourdough.

Indianapolis local pickups will include his own sourdough starter. Shipped orders will include instructions for starting your own.

$10 of every pre-ordered bread baker will be used to purchase a fresh food box to pay forward to an Indianapolis artist.

Also coming soon: 

  • extra locally grown and milled ancient grain flour in 2lb bags
  • sourdough starter crock for storing and feeding your starter
  • sourdough stirring paddle
  • bread bowl for proofing your dough
  • Jason Michael Thomas organic cotton tea towel for covering your rising dough
  • Live Zoom class sponsored by Yelp Indy where Jason walks you through the entire process, his favorite ingredients, the benefits of sourdough and how to personalize it with added ingredients for healthy and delicious sourdough bread your family will love

Each bread baker will be made to order. Orders will be filled in the same order they are received. It takes 2-4 weeks to make a bread baker from beginning to end. We genuinely appreciate your patience during the making process. Like a good bread, good pottery takes time.


$ 36.00

It's time to add a little oxygen-generating greenery to our homes after being stuck inside for so long.

The Loft Planter is handmade on the potters wheel using a tan clay and the unglazed saucer is hand built for a little bit of the organic feel. There is a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Measures approximately 4.5-5" wide and 3.5-4" tall.

We love this size planter for some windowsill herbs or hardy succulents.

We have limited stock on hand. Once gone, we'll continue making them to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery!

$ 42.00

The vintage skull medical etching captured my interest years ago. Putting it on one of our signature large travel mugs just made sense. Vintage medical illustrations inspired me as a young artist and for quite some time I thought I wanted to be a medical illustrator. Life took loads of different turns, all of which were certainly interesting and instead of a medical illustrator I had a long career in corporate retail before discovering my love of clay.

Each handmade ceramic travel mug holds approximately 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. Yes, we made them for coffee initially but heck, during a pandemic I'm not going to judge if you use it for wine, whiskey or whatever you want.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

The 100% silicone lid fits tightly so that as you use it, and the silicone stretches a bit, your lid will continue to be drip free!

We always offer $5 flat rate shipping on all orders in the continental United States.

We run a transfer firing once a week so if we don't have the mug in stock, we'll ship it within 2 weeks!

$ 36.00

The vintage penguin has amused and delighted me for years. Nothing says cold weather and enjoying the simple things like sipping your favorite beverage from your new favorite accessory - the Penguin Travel Tumbler.

The 100% silicone lid allows you to take this on the go without dribbles or drips but the tumbler is just as delightful without the lid for sipping at home. 

Each handmade ceramic penguin travel tumbler holds 8-10 ounces, is dishwasher and microwave safe. The image is permanent.


$ 30.00

A vintage bumble bee illustration adorns this handmade appetizer plate revealing itself as you eat through your tasty food. It makes the perfect addition to your table year round if you're a gardener, love bees or just love a good vintage illustration like I do.

The handmade 7" stoneware appetizer plate is microwave and dishwasher safe. The image is permanent and doesn't require any special care.

As always, we offer $5 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.

$ 8.00

Mouth watering sweet orange and classic sweet patchouli are a bright yet soothing combination. Each bar of our handmade soap is fragranced enough to delight you when you use it but not so heavily scented that you'll be wearing it all day long. We like to think this just keeps us coming back for more.

Handmade soap is always a wonderful gift, stocking stuffer if you're planning ahead for the holidays, or treat for your coworkers who are probably as tired of harsh detergent as you are.

We love our handmade soaps for frequent hand washing without harsh chemicals but also use it in the tub for all over. I've even enjoyed it as a shampoo on my short hair.

If you haven't used handmade cold process soap before, you're in for a treat. If handmade soaps are old hat for you, get ready for a bar that is gently cleansing and filled with moisturizers.

For longest lasting results, keep your bar stored on a draining soap dish or wire rack so it completely dries out between uses. I like to cut each bar in half and keep one half in the linen cupboard to lightly scent my towels and keep it dry until I'm ready to use it.

Each hand cut bar is packed in a pure cotton muslin bag with a drawstring then wrapped with our label printed on French Paper Company paper. We love French Paper Company because they've been producing high quality paper for generations using hydro power close by in Niles, Michigan. Click here to learn more about their environmentally conscious paper production and how they power the whole town!

3.5" x 2.25" x 1" bars weigh 4-4.5 oz on average.

Handmade for Gravesco Pottery in the United States using premium ingredients.

Ingredients: Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance. May contain FD&C color.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this soap, color shades and swirl styles may slightly vary. Each loaf and bar is unique!

Bob & Katie Rose Pasta Bowls bowl Rebecca Graves Pottery
$ 30.00 $ 42.00

It won't matter if you're sitting at the table, counter or snuggled on the sofa with a bowl of pasta goodness using your new handmade pasta bowl is going to make dinner extra special. Everything looks gourmet in these bowls, even if your pasta is as simple as buttered noodles with a smattering of parmesan and dried parsley. We're not going to judge you for what you eat in them as long as you're using them.

When my friends Bob and Katie messaged me asking if I would make them a set of pasta bowls I was all over it. I'd been looking for a reason to add these to the assortment and having an order for them was the perfect impetus. We have Bob & Katie to thank for inspiring these new bowls!

These pottery bowls are not limited to pasta. The shape is a favorite of chefs for all sorts of dishes because of the way that the bowl envelopes the food, framing it and making it look extra special. We love to use these bowls for thick stews, pasta, cereal, a rustic roast with root vegetables, salads, fruit, or as a serving bowl for a side dish at a family style dinner.

Just in case you're REALLY into plants, these bowls also make a gorgeous succulent planter centerpiece with a landscape of different succulents.

Measures approximately 8" diameter and 2.25" high. 

Interior is glazed. Exterior is unglazed.

Microwave & dishwasher safe.

Oven safe if you put the bowls into a cool oven and slowly bring it up to temperature.


Bowls will be glazed to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Each bowl is handmade and completely unique. We make families of bowls, not exact clones which means you can expect lovely subtle differences in each piece. That's what we love so much about handmade pottery!

$5 flat rate shipping on all orders in the continental United States!

$ 42.00

Gratitude, cleansing, meditating, space clearing and blessings are just a few of the ways that ethically sourced palo santo can improve your spiritual practice and well being. It’s not incense to be lit because you want a room to smell good, it’s so much more. It is sacred, must be ethical and used with clear intent.

With a long history as a holy wood whose smoke is healing it is no surprise that during the stay at home lockdowns during the pandemic many people are turning to palo santo to relieve stress and create a stronger connection with ritual. It is my desire to offer a Palo Santo ritual kit that encourages you to celebrate the sacred nature of this sacred smoke and offers an option for using sacred herbs as something more than just air freshener. 

For decades, palo santo has been my first choice when I bring something new into my home that I want to smudge, when I want to meditate on gratitude or when it is time to do a simple smudge to clear my home. I even use it as an intentional shift from the busy work of running a production studio to sitting at the wheel and making pottery. It creates a threshold between the ordinary and elevated.

Designing a vessel to enhance that ritual was a pleasure. The Palo Santo Burning Bowl will hold the palo santo safely aloft to allow for smudging without the danger of fire from a glowing ember falling onto something unexpected. 

Each handmade ceramic palo santo burning bowl includes three sticks of ethically sourced palo santo, a small bag of pure silica sand for the center of the bowl for extinguishing your palo santo and helping to hold it in place more securely and one of my favorite palo santo cleansing rituals courtesy of Deb Swingholm at Flowering Moon - an expert in ancient Goddess symbolism, space clearing master and educator.


Now, if you’re as curious as I was about the ethics of palo santo...

There is so much information floating around about Palo Santo, some of which is accurate and much that is not at all based in truth. In an intentional effort to respect the holy aspect of palo santo and to continue our passion for sourcing materials with integrity the Palo Santo sticks we offer are ONLY sourced from a well-reputed individual source that submits to certification and auditing to confirm proper licensing for harvest, approved harvesting methods, respect for the holy wood, and partnerships with native communities to encourage growth and success for all involved. From our supplier, “For us, the value of environmentally conscious forestry practices & the humane treatment of our native community partners far outweigh the value of the dollar.” If you’d like to learn more you can find more information direct from our source here.

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