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$ 325.00

Measurements: Approximately 15.5" x 4"

$ 36.00

Measurements: Approximately 4.75” diameter x 1” high

$ 78.00

Creating everyday rituals enhances our lives, centers our bodies and allows us to let anxieties drift away. Personally, when it’s time to sit down and let go of the hundreds of little things shuffling through my mind, I’ll spend a few moments sitting quietly with a favorite fragrance. Sometimes it is essential oil, other times it is a bundle of dried lavender from my friend Deb over at Flowering Moon. In the evenings, though, there is just something special about lighting incense and watching the smoke drift upward and dance in the drafts. I imagine each worry, thought or concern drifting upward and away on that smoke until my mind is calm again.

Sometimes I just like to watch the incense smoke because it is entertaining and I like the smell of incense.

Regardless of the reason you use incense, ritual or home fragrance, the large incense burner is sure to look lovely in your home and provide a safe place to enjoy your favorite scent.

It works beautifully with cone incense or charcoal and resin. If you’d like a bit of pure white sand to place in the bottom to protect it from the burning incense simply add a note at checkout and I will include it for you. Sometimes I’ll use one of our teeny dishes inside to keep the bottom protected from the burning incense. It is, however, perfectly safe to burn incense or use a charcoal directly on the burner, it just may leave a mark to be cleaned off the glaze.


Measurements: Approximately 9" x 4.75"


photo credit: Michael Schrader

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